[SOLVED - V38 Update] Special Skill Error of Akkorog

I thought it would + 30% for 2> 3 enemies, but only 1 target + 30% damage. @Petri

I can affirm that, came here to report this bug.

In addition here’s the screen of his second special.
As you can see, the damage’s equal for all 3 enemies.
(sorry for the image quality…)

I watched a video of him from another player and noticed that his special only boosted the middle attack and not the side attacks on the first hit. From the description of his special on the card it sounds like all three should receive similar damage and that should be on the first hit as well.

I got him last week so I’m hoping we are reading the card right and this is a bug that will be fixed. I think he’ll be a lot less impressive otherwise.

@Gabteeni Hope you can fix it

I’d just like to up this topic.
Many players got Akkorog, can anyone from staff just confirm if it works like it’s supposed to?

@Guvnor Would you happen to know if this bug has been raised to proper channels?

I think I caught a visual bug with him too. I fired Ursena first and his attack was reflected. It showed the slamming fist visual when he first attacked on 3 of my heroes. Then showed reflected. And then his fist visual reappeared again on everyone.

I flagged it with staff and they said they would look into it after the long weekend.


We are aware of this and are testing it now. I will update here as I know more. Thanks for reporting.


@KiraSG , is there any update on this topic?
Can you at least confirm if you consider it a bug or not )

We believe we have a fix for this issue but needs further testing. I will update more as I can. Thanks again for reporting

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It is been almost 1 month since the last post ! So is an update is going to solve that issue ?

Akkorog is already not very popular. This bug only makes him even less likeable.

The fix is currently in beta and looks to be part of the next version

Resolved in V38 Update:

Apparently Akkorog still exhibits a visual bug: occasionally during attacks he raises his giant fist over himself and strike, just before he strikes the enemy, although no damage dealt, and no apparent reason, the stage was just plain map stage with no issue of any reflect.

These are two different scenarios of such and many I didn’t capture.

enemy akkarog was blinded and missed all three targets.

It automatically fired a second time with no delay, hitting all three targets.

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