[SOLVED - V38 Update] Francine buff icon

This is NOT a bug. I didn’t fully understand the order of all the status ailments and buff effects.

Here are some lessons learned. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Each match starts mid-turn with the offense going first.

  2. The “end of the turn” is after the offense goes.

  3. The status buffs like Francine’s disappear in the middle of the turn, after the defense goes.

There you go. I learned something. I hope you learned something.


So Francine is a bit unique her cleanse happens after all DOT goes off at the end of your turn only. So when she actives her special that it turn 1, next turn is 2, followed by my end of turn 3. Her buff will disappear after my opponents turn.

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Apparently there was a small visual bug to be resolved in V38

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