[SOLVED - V38 Update] Francine buff icon

I think what you may be noticing is not that she doesn’t clean those ailments, but that all DOT ailments actually do their damage each turn, before her buff cleanses them. So on the last turn of her buff, your heroes take one turns’ worth of damage like they always do, and then the cleanse works? Possible? Or are you still seeing those ailments, even during the enemy turn, before Francine’s buff disappears from your heroes at the beginning of your next turn?

The ailment is still there after turn three. All you get on the third turn is just some pixels indicating cleanse over time on all your heroes. No effect.

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What I see from the video is:

  • Francine skill is activated.
  • Player move (red gem popped)
  • Attack down and water damage are cleansed (first cleanse)
  • Enemy move
  • Player move (purple and yellow swap)
  • Nothing to be cleansed (second cleanse)
  • Enemy move
  • Player move (green and purple swap)
  • Noting to be cleansed (third cleanse)
  • Enemy Vela applies water damage debuff.

Is there any issue I’m missing? I see that the icon of Francine cleanse is still there at the end but her third cleanse already happened before enemy Vela attacked.


I agree with @Moncho. Francine’s cleanse activates after you have finished your turn, but before the enemy takes their turn. So in that video, the third cleanse activates after you finish your turn (the three green tiles into Vela) but before enemy Vela takes her turn. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s always how my Francine has behaved.

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I think this is the case too.

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I posted the link to the video above. I hope it works.

Turn 1: clean blind from Thor
Turn 2: nothing to clean
Turn 3: the special does not clean the attack debuff and water DoT from Vela.

What am I missing? This is only two turns of cleanse, right?

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I think it works like this:

  • You fire Francine. This is the first turn she cleans, but there wasn’t anything to clean.
  • Turn 2: clean blind from Thor
  • Turn 3: nothing to clean

And then she’s done.

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Francine does not provide a clean when you fire her. You don’t get the first clean until after the whole turn transpires. Then you get the first clean.

Like I said above: tomorrow once I get my alliance raid energy back to 5/5 I’ll have an alliance mate set an all status ailment defense and get a status ailment every turn and there will only be two cleanses.

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This is correct. Her first cleanse happens after you end the turn in which you fired her special and before the enemy has their turn.


She does, I know it’s counter intuitive, I’d rather have her cleansing start in my first turn after I fire her too, but unfortunately that’s not how it works as far as I can tell.


I don’t doubt that the reason for this is embedded in how turns work which I am trying to find information on this forum. BUT, in the end there are only two cleanses. Not three. The hero card says three cleanses.

I agree the video is crap. I need to make a better one with more status ailments.

Sorry, I should have broken the turns down in your video to explain better:

You fire Francince.
You move 3 yellow tiles to end your turn. Francine performs her first cleanse. (nothing to cleanse)
Enemy turn.
You play 3 red tiles and end your turn. Francine performs her second cleanse. (nothing to cleanse)
Enemy turn (thor fires)
You play 3 purple tiles into Kiril and end your turn. Francine performs third cleanse and cleanses the blind.

Even though the cleanse symbol remains until after the enemy performs their next move, the cleanses are done. I agree that it isn’t super obvious. This is why it’s better to cleanse after the ailment has already been applied or you lose a cleanse.


Got it. So there are three cleanses. The status symbol stays on for an additional turn even though you’re aren’t getting another cleanse.

I’m still going to try and make a video tomorrow where I get status ailments every turn.

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Yep! It confused me as well when I first started playing with her and I would often miscount her cleanses. Her card should be more specific. Rather than stating she cleanses at the end of the turn, it should state she cleanses at the end of your turn and then it should remove the symbol following the final cleanse.


Yep. That’s it. after the last cleanse, the symbol should disappear.


This is NOT a bug. I didn’t fully understand the order of all the status ailments and buff effects.

Here are some lessons learned. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Each match starts mid-turn with the offense going first.

  2. The “end of the turn” is after the offense goes.

  3. The status buffs like Francine’s disappear in the middle of the turn, after the defense goes.

There you go. I learned something. I hope you learned something.


So Francine is a bit unique her cleanse happens after all DOT goes off at the end of your turn only. So when she actives her special that it turn 1, next turn is 2, followed by my end of turn 3. Her buff will disappear after my opponents turn.

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Apparently there was a small visual bug to be resolved in V38

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