[SOLVED - V38 Update] Bug - Raffaele Heal to 50% & Fiends

Raffa vs fiends

At the moment raffa tries to heal back to 50%, but can’t with fiends. Say a hero has 100Hp beneath 50% health, raffa tries to heal it back, but the fiends steal 100 hp and the hero is still under 50% hp.
I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think this works as it should.
Raffaele heals first every hero back at 50% hp, this ignores 100% heal block from for example Perseus or the heal stealing from the vampires. As stated in this thread.

I don’t really understand how the fiends are any different with their heal steal from the vampires.

I can see 2 possibilities how it could/should work.
First, the back to 50% heal could ignore the fiends like it does with the vampires and after that the heal over time can remove the fiends.
Second, the back to 50% heal could overload the fiends, they are removed and after that the hero has 50% hp.

But I don’t think that a hero should have less than 50% of his life after raffa fired his special.


Please note, I moved this to a new topic (was originally in another one) because the Developer Response previously has been:

Would be good to get confirmation if Fiends are in fact intended to steal a portion of Raffaele’s healing to 50%.


Guv, you rock


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To be fixed in V38 Update:

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Now Raffaele in fact heals to 50%, as mentioned in the notes, but fiends are completely ignoring this heal.

In other words, raffa applies his heal, restoring hero’s hp to 50%, but fiend stays at full hp, not absorbing anything whatsoever.

Is this behavior intended?

Considering raffa ignores any kind of healing reduction when applying his 50% heal, I would assume he would REMOVE the fiend on top of healing to 50%.

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I think that works as intended.

The vampires also doesn’t steal some of his heal so I don’t expected, that the fiends will do it.

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That’s a good point. I absolutely agree with you.

I still think that Raffaele should clear the fiends as he heals his allies to 50%. Right now he doesn’t. Some clarification would be welcome.

@Petri I’m sorry for tagging you, but I’m not sure this is working as intended. It would make more sense to me if Raffaele cleared the fiends and still healed himself/allies. Right now he simply ignores them. Thanks.

Not only I agree with you, I think vampires should also steal his 50% heal. It makes more sense that way, specially because his heal doesn’t work on bloody battle.

Why is considered a heal for bloody battle purposes, but won’t remove fiends and won’t be subject for stealing by the vampires? The only effect his 50% heal should ignore is the healing reductions, since that’s exactly what this power is for.

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Because this heal bypasses the fiends. It all goes to the ally.

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