[SOLVED V38] Hero Academy Queue Issues

Cuando llegas al nivel 10 será 1/3 2/3 o 3/3 dependiendo cuantos niveles tengas en accion

Hi everyone,

my HA7 seems to be broken, no matter how many new trainings I start:

as soon as I leave the hero academy, the trainings are gone and the resources are back in my storage

Any idea what could be the problem?

The fix for the HA issues is in Version 38 - please update your game as soon as you can. Thank you again for your patience

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Can someone confirm it’s actually working now?

@KiraSG why you split my message with this topic?
My message about Alchemy Lab, topic about Hero Academy.

No, I have the same issue… Cannot train rare troops in academy. Version 38
Please see video : https://youtube.com/shorts/IXb07urVL6I?feature=share

I was able to train 1* troops without issue; my other build is a troop retrain.

It is working now with 1512 partial update


Is it 38.0.0? or 38.x something? And what about iOS anyone have try it yet? It is still 38.0.0 in my iOS update, not sure if iOS has been rollout and what version.

My iOS version is 38.0.0 build 942 and is working fine.

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It is 38.0 but different build 1512 it was 1504 before.
Android OS

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The update build number for Android is 1512. I hope this clarifies the confusion, my apologies for not including it in my earlier post.


After I update from V37 to 38.0.0 build 942, there is a exclamation mark Update info.
So, before I update, I try HA6 queue and it just working fine, not like mentioned by videos bugs by @LatiyFundiy here .
And yes it working fine on 1st build V38 on iOS. I have try it and working fine.
Then, I update again to V38.0.1 Build 944, it is the same… no change… it’s working just like before. So on iOS there are no issue with this type of bugs.
Maybe only affected Android platform? or maybe it is fixed in server side, who knows.

I really wish the “there’s an update available” would be explicit about what version/build.

Maybe the external link is. I didn’t check it.

Edit: I’ve checked now. It doesn’t.

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