[SOLVED V38] Hero Academy Queue Issues

Hi guys I just update game and my hero academy like lost memory, I choose 3 hero to train and when came out it become 1, I test it several times same result. Whats wrong?

Good morning,

If I am not mistaken, what you are seeing as 1/2, is that yes you are training 3 heroes however you are not researching anything.

The research is also taken into consideration on HA.

Try researching something and you will see it shows you 2/2.

Hope that is understandable?

Looks like the same

New version - New bugs :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Hero Academy doesn’t save training queue change.
The only exception is when you delete something with loss of resources.

Here’s the video:

And yes, it’s broken for everyone, not a local player’s bug.

@Petri, @KiraSG, I believe you’ll be interested.


We are looking into this now - thank you for posting. I hope to be able to update you with more information soon.


I have the same problem at hero academy with troops uncommon and rare

I have the same issue.

I also have the same problem!

Hi, thanks fot posting that video, I do not understand what happened if you did not post this video.
And I’m waiting for fix for iOS before I upgrade to V38, that’s a problem if we want to get irons from HA6.

Thank you for your patience. We have now fixed this issue and are continuing to roll out the Version 38 update.


It is not fixed. I just tried and it is still broken.

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not fixed yet… i still can not save the queue, when exit the Academy it returns to 1

I am running v38 and still have the same issue for common heroes, it only count 1 even I increase to 100. no resources constraint

Same with me. I’m on V38 on android and I’m trying to increase the amount of 2* troops to train to use up full house of recruits.
When I exit HA, it removes them from queue and my house so full of recruits again.

I have updated to v38, and hero acadamy is still broken. I cannot add to the queue’s i have running.
Please fix it properly, rather than tell us it is fixed, when it is still broken.

We are still investigating issues with HA. I apologize for the ongoing issues and any confusion it may have caused. I hope to update with more info soon.

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After collect items at Alchemy take massage like screen for 0.5 sec.

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It is still broken, it is not ‘confusing me’ it is effecting my game play. Season 4 is open again and i have recruits piling up, i am have to train things i never usually train, instead of queuing up trainer heroes from HA 7.
You told us it was fixed when it was not.
You told us v38 would fix it, it did not.

It is affecting my game play/ game experience negatively.

Fix the problem, your income is at stake, that alone should produce a better response than the lies and incompetence you have displayed so far.

Fix it.

Dude in order to something change in game the patch must roll out for everyone not only you stop whining…

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