[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Skadi/Elizabeth - extra frost stacking

Fiends are not minions, which is why Ureaus’ card had to be updated once season 4 heroes were released.

However, Skadi’s was not.

However, I was farming today and playing around with random lineups and discovered that if a hero with a fiend is killed by Skadi’s special, two frost stacks are created per death.

Not sure if this is a bug, or if it’s working as intended and the card needs an update, but something is definitely wrong.


Uhm, it creates 4 stacks instead of 2 (1 for every killed foe) so I think that it’s indeed a bug.

That’s interesting. Unless, Skadi’s effect also relates to Fiends, since they are in the minion slot

Right. But if the Skadi card is updated to read “…minion or fiend” like Uraeus, then it’s not a bug with the gameplay, but instead with the card.

I think some cards need to be updated in V37 or V38

Well, the main difference would be that unlike Ureus that have it’s special secondary effects act on heroes who hold a minion/fiend Skadi needs to either kill a hero/minion to put her stacks, and that fiends can’t be killed by her special skill (unless she would somehow remove them).

Anyway, only SGG can tell :man_shrugging:

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Nice catch @tylerdykins

Flagged for QA team to have a bo-peep.


This has been fixed in the new update Version 37. I’ll mark this as solved, thank you again for the reports!

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Adding cross-quote from the patch notes:

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