[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Frosth and Seshat's Replicating Minions

Weird interactions always slip the net. Online games are patched all the time when new content is introduced because something weird happens.

I know people want to get on the “SGG are Rubbish” train all the time but this is a very very very niche issue which once raised will also be patched.

It’s funny tbh. We’ve all had a good giggle and now it’s going to get sorted. It’s not going to break the game, it’s useless in raids and the people who have these combos have likely finished S3 already…


Beta testers at the time were too busy being outraged at the thought of non-season 1 costumes sir. Testing every combination isn’t really possible, for the short period that beta is open, many things to do in the live game, and also living life.

This seems to me that it is something that could happen on the map. I don’t think that you could do this in a raid, at least you couldn’t against a good defense.

Every game in existence releases bug fixes all the time. Because bugs happen.

Your post is bordering on abuse.

Perhaps you should think about applying for beta yourself, rather than writing derogatory things about other testers.


Completely agree…view that post as being abusive. If the individual was already in beta, then perhaps he or she is referring to himself or herself? If not, then names should be provided and they should be removed from beta…otherwise, this is simply slander with no basis in fact as well as offensive to those who spend their time trying to test heroes and offer constructive feedback.


Moderator Note

Let’s please stick to the topic at hand.

Leave the beta bashing / beta defending. Nothing about that is condusive or helpful to this topic.


TBH is makes perfect sense and is consistent with the card descriptions.

Seshat’s minions replicate rather than respawn, goes to reason that if you change a replicating minions base stats then the next minion will also have the new base stats.

Maybe this is what SG meant when they referred to new max stats for heroes…:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I would buy this if Seshat’s minions replicated with the same health they had at the point of replication. They don’t. They replicate with a full health bar.

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despite Frosth’s skill, it should be limiting, it shouldn’t be that we have immortal heroes.


At that point I’m kinda surprised that they aren’t one shotting the enemies as their attack has gotta be through the roof too. Offhand this looks to be intended from the heroes card descriptions. Seshat’s special description says “It generates a clone of itself every three turns” so that makes sense that the clone would have the boosts from Frosths ability included and since it’s new minions spawning they are at the “bottom” of the minion stack bellow the Frosth minions and you can buff them up again without pushing them off the stack. Interesting interaction but I don’t think it’s necessarily broken and needs to be fixed. In PvE it’s interesting but probably not OP. Might be a way to cheese tough fights but it isn’t going to be fast so probably really doesn’t matter. In any PvP sort of situation things should be over long before you could ever approach this situation. It will certainly make Seshat’s Minions a bit more of a priority if combined with Frosth but her minions can already be pretty dangerous and powerful if you don’t keep them under control. A wing Seshat with a full stack of minions can be really tanky if you can’t blow them all up quickly.


Could you make higher hp minion in S3 36-10 (final boss) hard mode or other map with longer fight ?

Got word back from staff that this would be fixed on Tuesday.


this would be fixed on Tuesday

Could anyone create 2000m+ hp minion before it is fixed ? I really want to see what will happen.

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I seriously doubt it would break. You’re assuming a 32 bit signed integer. I question that this is written in C or C++ (if it was, the alchemy lab memory issue is absurd — I could store each combination in 4 bytes; probably less), and even if it is, an “unsigned int” is frequently 64 bits long on modern platforms.

But it’d still be fun to see!

Yes, that is why I want to see what will happen when Frosth + Seshat’s Replicating Minions break the game.

No nerfing!

Hands off Frosth!


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There should be a cap limit on how strong a minion can get

There is a thing with Frosth combined with Seshat… Frosth will add 30% VIT to Seshat’s minions everytime he uses his specials… and Seshat’s minion will replicate himself including those added VIT %, and it will be replicating itself again… and again… and everytime the new minions will be stronger in order Frosth keep using his special… so… as the result… we have minions like monsters

Thank you for the reports! We have identified the issue and hope to fix this in Version 37.

Please note that this should affect mostly just the PVE battles.


Fwiw, this bug would increase the importance of minion killers like grimble and Noor. Seshat’s invincible minion wall is impossible to beat without them

Anyone trying to do this in pvp defense is going to get ripped to shreds long before that kind of buffing happens.

In pvp offense you might have a chance, but more likely you’ll just lose thanks to the “power” of Frost.

we tested it on a friendly battle against straight medics, and Seshat at the time, got her minion to almost 1k health. The combo does somewhat work on just pure medic teams, however, in this current meta, you won’t get to utilize it as much(if not at all), as you would against a full medic team

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