[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Frosth and Seshat's Replicating Minions

All well and good but in this game it means the player vs computer…so S3/S4, events & quests

PvP is raids, wars and tournaments

So when Petri says it only really affects PvE that’s what he means.

Trying to rules lawyer it with encyclopaedia definitions doesn’t make any difference. That’s what it means in this game.


Pedantic much? :confounded:

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It’s more simple - in this game there are no PvP :slight_smile: Activities of HUMAN with ENVIRONMENT (AI, computer) called PvE

What’s wrong with calling a spade a spade? If someone want to think that sky is yellow or brown - I don’t mind :slight_smile:

Just slightly broken…just a wee bit :thinking:

Whilst your in some ways correct. The term is used as raiding for this forum

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I am playing more than one game so

That isn’t record holder. These minion have higher Hp.

Could you test it in longer fight in S2 or S3 final boss ?

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… so get used to what is called PvP in this game?

if you had to fight every raid like some people fight wars in this game, you’d hit the attack button, nothing would happen, and 16 hours later you’d come back to find they’d attacked you six times and killed all your heroes three times over. :laughing:

And even more - you can’t attack anybody if they are ONLINE ))) If they can’t make simple PvP in this game so I don’t see any point to call PvE in this game like PvP :slight_smile: Or “in this game there is PvP because developers decided to call PvE as PvP” :+1:t3: :slight_smile:

the question is though, WHY is that a problem? What is it hurting, Makaveli?

Enough already!

You have made your point, we understand your point…rather than repeating your point ad nauseum how about we all move on…

@Petri - Hi, I just thought I’d weigh in as one who could test this out a bit with my own Frosth and Seshat and I must say… IMHO it’s not even that much of a hole to need to plug. My reasonings:

1.) Minion copying HP only?! - From what I can tell it seems only the HP (not attack) is copied from initial Seshat minion. I got HP up from 150ish to over 2000… but minions still had same damage output, which is currently so close to negligible that this high HP effort really wasn’t worth it in the long run… (see point 2 below)

2.) Power timing - In order to get minion HP that high anyways the timing to kick off each power had to be very precise or I’d wind up overwriting a strong minion with a weak one… very limiting if you want to keep your other heroes alive and use them (see my screenshot below) or expect to actually finish the level… especially given point 1 above…

In summary, it was fun to play around with, but even in PVE it doesn’t give much (if any) of a greater edge than I think is acceptable… a wall of defense with one character (Seshat) whose power you can’t even use as it’d overwrite the presently strong minions really doesn’t seem helpful like you’d think. It sure didn’t FEEL broken…

That being said, I would love if Seshat minion synergy (what little there is) with Frosth stayed just for fun once in a while when I get bored of the PVE levels… and like you said yourself in your own post, it really won’t negatively impact PVP anyways… I say pick your battles and leave this one alone for those of us who’d like a funny game mechanic to play with once in a while to stave off the boredom that can inevitable sink in over time no matter how much we don’t want it to… not sure plugging this “hole” is really worth the time that can be spent on other improvements… just my 2 cents.

Just to be on the safe side… you did see the 1.210.862 hp minnion pics posted above, didn’t you? That’s what? A 6* titan like minnion? Not broken… not broken at all…


It’s only affecting the world map and you need to specifically plan on doing it and have the very specific 2 heroes. I have 1 of them…

So at some point they fix it but again if you have the combo of heroes needed you likely have teams that have done S3 hard already.

So at this point it’s just for giggles, it’s not impacting the game at large

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My point exactly. Just for giggles… nothing to panic about!

As long as it doesn’t spread to the rest of the game.

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FYI: Current beta has a revised version of Frosth.

Special now reads:

  • summons a frost sprite minion for each ally with 13% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caster.
  • all allies’ minions get +30% HP and +30% attack. This special can increase HP and attack up to +200% of the minion’s original HP and attack.
  • element link…
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Wouldn’t 200% be too excessive, since minions come and go so quickly? But it doesn’t matter anyways.

Means you can get some REALLY beefy minions (Seshat could have minions in the 2600-3000 hp region), but not utterly absurd ones (millions of hp).

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