[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Frosth and Seshat's Replicating Minions

And I’m very interested, is this how it was intended? Do our developers know about this? )))) And this is not Photoshop, friends, these are screenshots from the video. ))) The Russian community is almost holding a competition to see who will swing the replicants of Seshat more with the help of Frost ))) I already want this guy to pair up with my Seshat ))))



Could you post a link of that video ?

I’m gonig with “no not intended” lol

I’ve pinged staff via the various mechanisms I have available to me about this issue.

To answer/ show the “how”, it seems that Seshat’s replicator minions replicate their LAST version of themselves rather than their BASE stats version…

Which with the introduction of Frosth means that you can essentially loop Frosth’s HP increase on the Replicator minions over and over, and it simply carries over onto the next minion that gets replicated…

So yeah, 99.999999999% sure this is a bug as its kinda very very extremely broken lol…


it is better and safer to have a hard cap on minion hp and attack to avoid any potential future troubles.

just like fiends have 1k hp cap

personally, i don’t want seshat minions to get a nerf because of this interaction but it is a valid solution to replicate base stats again

I tried this (not to such extreme as posted) but yes, replicated minion had the same HP as boosted ones. I am not certain that this is that game-breaking, as getting to such high HP levels demands multiple castings from Frosth and one minion of Seshat staying alive and given current meta, I don’t see many occasions for that to happen. Maybe (big maybe) it can be exploited for Final Bosses of S2 and S3. Of course they need to fix it though. Still, funny to see minions with possibly more HP than lower-end titans.

By the way, Frosth in its entirety seems kinda rushed. No animated sprite, his special staying the same when leveled up, now this bug (though in all honesty this is mostly problem with Seshat) … I know there was the rush around S4 but c’mon …


So should I have a raid where they have Seshet and Frosth I’m taking Gefjon and I’ll try to get the minion’s health up and then I’ll steal it for myself :joy:


I think it is possible to make more HP than 14* titan. You have to use 2 Frost with Seshat and play S3 36-10 (final boss) hard mode (to make a long fight as long as possible). Let say that Seshat’s minion has original hp 250. If you use Frost skill 70 times, Seshat’s minion will have hp 23,535,682,284 but I am not sure that if the final boss will die before that happen or not.


This is quite a challange. Does anybody want to check that before they fix it? :grin:

Yes, I think it is possible but it need x2 Frost with some ascension to survive 36-10 hard.

I really want to see if minion can have hp more than 2,147,483,648 (2^31) or not.

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… and how does something like this get through Beta testing???


This doesnt seem like something that can be easily done in raids, more like something to take advantage of on a world map. So unless i see someone on a defense team or a raid with thousands of hp on a minion then i dont see the big deal.


Because…what if I told you…Beta testing is just for free advertising and not to actually fix anything.


Stop blaming Beta testers for everything:) there will be developers who run unit test before releasing the code to testing phase. Software testers are there to test it completely before it’s released to beta testing. Beta testers are players like you. Beta is end user testing and mainly for the feedback and as per my knowledge any software which is defect free should be released in beta to test :slight_smile:


This glitch would make Hard Modes much easier to win. Has there been any raid testing to see if this glitch carries over? Also, i think Beta testers need to think of all kinds of strategies and explore each possibility before release

i am surprised some blame beta players. please keep three things in mind before blaming:

1- beta durations are very short at times and barely enough time to figure things out.

2- not all beta players have access to seshat.

3- many bugs were discovered and fixed in beta before release.

beta version needs time and attention and it isn’t always fully there especially when there are special events happening in the normal version


I’m pretty sure Frosth has been in beta for more than 24 hours it took gamers to figure out this bug. But we will all have faith in the devs. This will be place on SG’s priority list of bugs to face like Alfrike’s cube bug…


So up to 3 bugged purple heroes. Alfrike cube, lepoita ghosting heroes with minions (and taunting minions like QoH), and now seshat replicators of doom. Sounds like a neglected color in testing lol.


It doesn’t matter,if map or raid. The problem is, it can happen!

FYI there were other hero’s to test as well not only Frosth. I have raised 3 bugs if I remember correctly in beta testing version when Malicna, Frosth and friendly matches were there for testing.


Not true, we really do try to test everything, but can never identify each combo to max exploit


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