[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Alfrike + Blind (e.g. Wu-Kong or Drake) or Dodge (e.g. C-Kadilen, Ninjas etc...) or Fighter Revive: All remaining cubes fail

With Rigard(emblemed) mana shield, Alfrike’s ailment doesn’t work and he can cleanse and heal all his team mates. When It is not active, Alfrike’s ailment works and Rigard slashes one of his mates.
But sometimes, Rigard doesn’t activate his mana shield but is able to cleanse his team. I reported this but noone else seems to have faced this. There are too many ways to make Alfrike’s ailment fail: blind effects from the ennemy and allies, Fog, cleansers, manashield and Wu.
In the end, I am only using Alfrike for farming. Too slow for Titans (although is funny how they hit themselves), too unreliable in raids, not the better one in defense. A shame that such a good heroe has so many setbacks.

A shame indeed. I have slim to none chances of winning raids with her super slow mana and her skill missing, 12 emblems wasted so far. I have experienced the same situation with rigard and find ridiculous that a 4 star 1st season hero can nullify the mighty queen of svartalfheim due a bug.

What I find the worse is that when you are the one raiding her, not even god can stop her special and charges mana like she’s Grazul.

I felt sad because I like her. So I put her on my defense team. Obviously I got kick out from diamond to platinium.
Change of tune: I like to make strange defense combinations. This one with Alfrike as tank is working at the moment to keep me at low diamond without having to fight back for the position: Telluria- Richard- Alfrike- Ares - Joon
I don’t know if those that choose to fight against me encounter any weird behaviour with Alfrike’s skill. But most of them are loosing so no more complains about her. I can keep loving her.

Just did a raid where my Alfrike was blinded by Joon. Her fist special only cast 3 cubes. Then I recharged and fired her again, this time it shot 1 cube. Want to share my experience as it seems from staff response above that it is a mistake. Curious if there is any info on when this will be corrected? Thanks!

Quickest “fix”: Alternate her special’s wording so that it says her 5 cubes chain. :rofl: :roll_eyes:
Then the current way of how she works would make sense. Can’t keep chaining after a miss. :wink: Makes Bai Yeong a viable counter against her. :thinking:



Some cruel sense of humor you have. :wink: Hope, SG doesn’t takes this suggestion too serious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hahaha! Love that! :sweat_smile:

Only 3 cubes were used, 1 missed, 2 did damage.

This occurred at roughly 2:44 PM Pacific Standard time, in a war hit vs. BlackBeard in the EternalTacoWarriors ETW vs. Icebreaker << DE>> war.

Alfrike is supposed to always use 5 cubes, but she only threw 3 cubes. As she was blind, I assumed that the other 2 were misses, but upon review of the war video, one of the 3 cubes that did display missed. Therefore this is either a visual bug (2 cubes that missed did not display) or a gameplay bug. (2 cubes were never created).

Either way it is a bug.

I have a mp4 video of it, but the uploader will not support mp4 videos.
I’m happy to send that to you if you want to review it.

Thank you.

Alfrike is blinded in that pic so that’s probably why she hit 3 instead of 5, you can upload videos to YouTube then post on here.

Still not working with Wu kong. Evertytime against Titan, Wu activated, alfrike miss, only one miss, further on no damage. Please fix this. She shoots 5 Times!

She only is usable without Wu activated!

When I created this post, I hadn’t tested alfrike enough, I would’ve titled the post: Alfrike’s special is bugged with the following conditions:

  1. Wu Kong’s special is active
  2. In fog stages
  3. With Alfrike being blinded by a special attack
  4. When her special hits a hero with “Ghost” special.
  5. When a hero has “dodge” special active.

I don’t think it is in small giant’s priority list to fix this. I find it unacceptable that they’d rather spend time in coding a “goblin balloon” to ask for more money rather than fixing current active bugs.


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Thanks for your reply. I will post tonight something on Reddit. Hopefully some of SG employé will read it. Through the support of the game, they lead you to Reddit.

I think it’s a big thing! Alfrike is nice hero and tank, have her with 20 emblems, and for me very useful. It cannot stay like it is.

Yep, I complained about the same thing.

This hero is useless with the following conditions:
-Wu kong
-Blinding attacks

  • Fog stages
  • when it hits a ghost
  • when it hits a target that can dodge.

It’s been almost a year since I reported it, but seems SG is more into programming goblin balloons to ask you for more money rather than fixing what’s wrong now. They deemed it a “visual bug” but we can “visualize” that this is definitely not a visual thing.


No answer from Reddit too. Just have to deal with it. I think. Too bad

Nah. we can’t let this die…gotta keep fighting for this to be fixed.

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If Alfrike misses with one cube she doesn’t fire the follow up cubes. This is happens if she is blind or there is a hero in ghost waiting to revive.

It is really irritating…

Again I insist, SG doesn’t seem to be worried about this… They put their foot down saying this is a visual bug, you don’t have to be programmer to notice this is not a visual bug only, the cubes won’t fire in various conditions I listed above, so, wait 40 turns for alfrike to charge her special, then watch it go down the drain due being poorly programmed.


Hi, status update: we are aware of the issue here. Unfortunately due to technical reasons, we are unable to fix the bug in the upcoming update Version 35, but we are aiming to get it fixed in Version 36. My apologies for any inconvenience!


Well done guys, your persistence pays off

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