[SOLVED -- V37 Update] Alfrike + Blind (e.g. Wu-Kong or Drake) or Dodge (e.g. C-Kadilen, Ninjas etc...) or Fighter Revive: All remaining cubes fail

When using Wu Kong in combination with Alfrike: If Alfrike’s first cube fails, none of the other cubes even leave Alfrike, it just stops at the first cube.

Should this be this way?

I didn’t find any other post.


I don’t think it should be…

Would it be possible for you to do some more tests? maybe video & upload to Youtube?

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So i tested the reported problem and found that indeed something weird is going on in the combination of Wu Kong and Alfrike. By the way, a weird combination on its own…

First, let me add a video with two different hits from Alfrike:

In the first situation the cubes hit the enemies in the following order: right, right, middle, right and i guess left, resulting in following damage pattern:

The last cube that obviously misses the left enemy, is not shown in the animation, which might be intended. The first cubes do damage and only that towards the middle opponent an additional max HP reduction. This might as well be intended and seems fine to me.

However, the second hit of Alfrike under Wus special, seems broken to me:

Only the first cube is shown and it hits the middle enemy with damage and max HP reduction. Obviously, the second cube aimed at the left enemy misses - no animation shown. At that point Alfrikes special just stops?! Sorry, no further cubes…

I am not sure, if that is what it should be? :thinking: I might be wrong, but to my understanding it would be better, if Wus miss chance would apply to every single of all five cubes.

Any thoughts on this?


It might be because the Devs used the mechanic for the Bounce or Chain effect (See Finley or Roostley) where if there is an interruption to the special skill it stops…

Rather than the mechanic for a DoA5 hero where all targets go out whether it is a hit or a miss.

I’ll see if I can coax a dev out of hiding :wink:


That’s what i thought as well. :+1:
However, i don’t understand Alfrikes special being a chain-like, call it a Finley-pattern, as the card only reads ‘throws five cubes at random enemies’ - at least that’s what is given in the german version.
I guess most players would expect five single cubes, with every single cube having its own miss chance. :roll_eyes:

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Thats how I interpretted it.

Yes. I don’t believe this is a chain strike, it should throw all 5 cubes. Nowhere in the especial attack description in reads that it is any like a chain attack.

To give this one a bump…

Allow me to tag @Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu
Any information if this works as intended or not would be appreciated. :smiley:

We have escalated this for further testing and will update when we know more.


I’ve noticed this a lot with alfrike when I pair it with wu. To the point where I don’t fire wu off until I get alfrike off just so that I can ensure all five cubes hit. Please tell me that’s not the intent

Still no solution for this problem?! @KiraSG
In addition to the described problem I found the same thing happening in S2 dense fog stages: if Alfrike fires (without being accompanied by Wu Kong), her special stops with the first missing cube. That means, if the first cube misses, no cube at all hits any enemy and her special just vanishes in thin air… :frowning_face:

Please tell me, that this is not working as intended?! :grimacing:

Thank you for your patience, this will have a fix in V30 and is only a visual bug in the animation.



But if it is only a visual bug, why won’t the enemies receive damage?

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Thanks for your reply, @KiraSG. Indeed it does not just look like a visual bug to me. As far as i experienced, the enemies neither receive damage after the first missing cube nor mindless attack applies. As discussed earlier, it seems that the mechanic is working in a chain-like manner (cf. Finley, Roostley), which is in conflict to the description of Alfrike’s special.

So finally V30 is live and should have solved this issue. However, there is still something wrong with Alfrike in combination with Wu Kong in dense fog:

And Alfrike in dense fog without Wu Kong:

Neither are five cubes shown, nor do they hit or miss. See a capture below: only three cubes are thrown and two miss (Alfrike in dense fog, no Wu).

@KiraSG could you please check once again?

Marking as “Possibly Solved” as the release notes of V30 say they fixed this.

Not 100% sure that it is only a “visual” thing so will wait for further feedback.

Ref V30 Release notes:

Another evidence that Alfrike is still not working as intended after the V30 update:

Screen capture:

Alfrike was under Joons blindness curse and only two cubes are shown and one of these (surprisingly the first animated one?!) misses. Once again tagging @KiraSG to please check this issue another time. :wink:

Edit: by the way, this happened in alliance war attack


I also noticed today that alfrike has a problem with her cubes if one of them hits a phantom, the cubes stop if one of the targets was a phantom…

Bringing this topic up once again, @KiraSG.
The problem definitely seems not solved and something strange is still going on. I’m not complaining whether I lost a war attack due to this bug, but Alfrike with blindness from Drake throws only four cubes of which the first animated misses:

Could you please check carefully once again and fix it? :pray:

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Adding to this topic:

Alfrike in scenarios such as dense fog or blinded, it will also fail to throw the cubes, the animation may show more than one cube but there is just one “miss” message, meaning the other cubes didn’t even leave alfrike despite them showing as hitting the targets.

It is frustrating to wait an hour for alfrike to charge mana for the special attack to completely miss, and it’s ok when a special attack misses such as ramming pulverizer, but maybe 2 out of 3 targets arw hit, or 1, or sometimes none, but alfrike’s 1st cube misses and bye bye! All other cubes: Sayonara!

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