[SOLVED - V36 Update] Wound Damage even tho Elemental Barrier (Challenge Event & Rare Unicorn)

Not a massive thing but it’s just weird…

Despite having the Elemental Barrier which reflects all Blue (Ice) damage back at Miki, the chance for Wound Damage is still processing & sticking…

Seeing as it’s supposed to reflect status effects, it shouldn’t stick at all.

Added to that, its 1 wound damage per turn but 60% of 0 damage is 0 wound damage… Not 1.

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Probably a result of the Pierce buff program code


Don’t think so.

Miki had a L23 mana troop equipped. So no chances for bypass involved.

I agree.


They rewrote that code.

The new code appears to round 0 damage * 0.6 up to 1 damage.

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I can’t say if it was happening before or not as this is the first KoA where I’ve had emblems on Miki.

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I don’t think this is all that serious but it seems something from the Wound mechanic may have been overlooked.

I used Miki (Ice Hero) against a Rare Blue Titan (Ice Tiles/Damage is supposed to be reflected). Yet somehow Miki was still able to inflict bleed on the titan. I’m kicking myself for not checking the DoT from the bleed because it’d be funny to see if it would show 0 or the actual damage amount from Miki’s normal tile.

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Any insight from QA @Petri / @KiraSG ?

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Thanks for reporting. We are aware this is not working as intended and will work on a fix.


Marking as solved per V36 Release Notes:

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