[SOLVED - V36 Update] Lady Loki specials -- Sometimes misses even tho removes blind ailment first (will be fixed in V36)

Unbelievable, SG you have Ninja tower, myths Titan, and ridiculous goblins balloon. But you can’t fixed this 6 months ago bug??

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they will fix it when they will release her costume.
This show how much SG care about players, we mean nothing to them

Can we have a clear answer SG please ?
Will you fix it yes or no ??? and if YES when will you fix it ? its not hard

Staff posted above that it will be fixed in v.36
I have no idea when that will happen
@KiraSG is there a date for next upgrade.

Beta is open right now for for testing.


Beta Update

This is (finally) being tested as a “fix” in V36.4 of Beta currently.


Took their time but I’m glad it’s being fixed now

We have now started to rollout the Version 36 update that includes fixes to this issue. I’ll mark this topic as solved.

Version 36 Release Notes & Status


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