[SOLVED - V36 Update] Lady Loki specials -- Sometimes misses even tho removes blind ailment first (will be fixed in V36)

It would be good for players to get an answer now (to know whether or not to ascend) how it is intended to work, even if it won’t be fixed for awhile. Because this is a new action effect unlike most, we are kind of guessing.

#1 - It could be the intent that a blind can cause some of the actions here to miss. This is somewhat of an upgraded Mad Hatter, who can certainly miss stealing buffs when blinded. Whether it’s acting on your team or opponents may not change that rule.
#2 - It would depend on the outcome of #1. If blind is in play with #1, the blind could be an ailment that still remains on LL after resolution. The game graphics don’t always give a good indication of what’s going on during complex moves. I would expect to see a ‘Miss’ on allies when the blind causes a failures. Unfortunately, it seems that only damage resolution usually gets a Miss animation.

Hi, as noted earlier, this fix has been postponed until Version 34/35. It was mistakenly added to the Version 33 release notes - my apologies for the confusion! We have now updated the release notes.

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I mean come on, @Petri, Lady Loki has been released a while ago and you still could not fix it? Why push the release of v33 now, which is mainly the Xmas event, new costumes and fixes of the Ninja tower event, none of which will be live until December??

Because they need it out BEFORE December, which is 2 weeks away?

Oh, and next week is largely a holiday week in the US, which makes getting app approvals difficult?

Edit: I do agree that it should have been fixed by now. This problem was reported awhile ago.

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Update: We are aiming to get this fixed in Version 35.

there is a problem with lady loki which, having a lack of precision before activating her special, the fault is still active.
the hero is supposed to remove negative states from all heroes and deal them first and then deal damage.
How can it be that the general damage causes a failure

This is a known issue, please check this thread:

Hi Petri, the issue still persists. Do you have a further update?

I asked them about it when it wasn’t included in the V35 release notes & staff indicated that it was still a work in progress.

From the looks of things, the V35 release was more about getting the fixes for NT out & the Mythic Content out & downloaded.


will it be solved before V789 ?


Update: The lady Loki fix will miss the deadline for Version 35. We (definitely) expect a fix for V36.


It’s been half a year since this bug was first reported.
Half a year! Newborn babies are now six months old, and short-lived microbes have ended their lives.


Simple, no money to make for them

Ahaha. She misses everything, including deadlines.


Either this is a really complicated bug to fix, or it got assigned a very low priority…

It would be super easy to fix.
If blind = true
If castinghero = lLoki then
do not apply blind
apply blind
End if
End if

I’m confused, what is the delay in getting this [long-time] known bug fixed? I’m tired of using her against defensive teams with heavy status ailments, only to have her get hit with blind; she sometimes misses when returning ailments. In all due respect, I am not understanding the logic behind releasing new features of the game, when there are known unaddressed bugs in the game.


Totally agree, bugs should be fixed as a priority before anything else.

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