[SOLVED - V36 Update] Lady Loki specials -- Sometimes misses even tho removes blind ailment first (will be fixed in V36)

Hello. I have noticed some issue with Lady Loki specials. Her specials says that she take all dispellabe status ailments from all allies and transferred them to enemy. While it doesn’t mention the caster itself, she removes negative statuses from herself as well. But when she removes blindness she still misses a lot. It is not resists, I tested many times against different heroes. She misses badly. I think it is a glitch and it should be fix, but if it is not, her specials are not great and it makes her less valuable. I wouldn’t level her if I knew it.


I have it and I like it the way it is, it serves its purpose well.

Well… she is good, but her special description is misleading. Or she doesn’t remove ailments from herself or she shouldn’t miss. So or description or special should be fixed.

This is another one of SG’s semantics issue. The problem is that “reallocates” is not clear. Based on your description, it seems that “reallocate” actually gives the enemy the same status ailments first, then cleanses your team. I agree with you in that this should be fixed so that cleanse happens first.

I did not pay attention to team but enemies. Now I see that she hits first then cleans. It means she also doesn’t hit with her full potential if she has attack decrease status. So you if you wait for to get more ailments to get stronger hit. You have to avoid to get attack decrease and blindness. Which is doesn’t make sense for her specials.

If this is true, it’s a pretty significant design flaw in how Lady Loki’s special works.

Yes i faced same issue several times. She cleaned blindness visually but she missed after all.

Is SGG going to fix this problem? She should clear all ailments firstly, then cast them on emery, deal damage the last.

I think they meant to do it is this way. They just used a wrong language for her specials. BUT!!! if they have used right language I wouldn’t gave her priority in leveling. When I leveled her I was thinking how great she will be against GM Telly Vela team. But after Vela casting her specials Lady Loki has significantly reduced attack, so even with transferred ailments she can’t hit with her full potential. Add to that blindness and her specials basically reduced to cleansing.
And all this just with average speed. Devs should really watch language for specials.

What absolute rubbish you are talking.
I have her maxed and if she throws back a burn and vela’s water damage most opposing heroes are crippled, some close to dead. She is an amazing anti gtv counter


Well… Some people like Quintus and Candy witch. They all work some way or other. My point was that devs should use proper description of specials, cz I did not realize Lady Loki will experience all ailments during her hits. Yes, all ailments do there job than transferred, but her direct hit will never rich her full potential when she has attack down and this is misleading.

I dont disagree on that it would be good if blinds especially were not active

Same issue here! She was still blind after removing blindness. I think is a bug

Hello, (sorry for my english)

Why LadyLoki doesn’t hand out the blind status received from drake or joon or justice etc,
istead, she miss the target


is a bug? if it is, is possible fix please?


This effect has been reported before.

Lady Loki’s 1st effect is “Takes all dispellable status ailments from all allies and randomly casts them on all enemies”. Since she is blind when she does this, I guess she can miss when either “taking” the status ailment or when “giving” the status ailment to enemies. She is still under the effects of “Blind” when she carries out her ability. Her ability does not cleanse first and then transfer the status ailments.

I am unsure if this was the intended design for her special skill. Blind is the only status ailment that has this interaction with her ability.

damage increases based on the malus she transfers.
this also applies to -%attack, -%defense, dot, but not blindness.

if she hits blind and has the possibility of missing, she should also strike with an -%attack, but he doesn’t work like that. she clean and boost own damage and hit. why no work for blind?
can anyone clarify this please?

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we need and update on this
even if she can miss when reallocating because its not considered as a cleanse
then she shouldnt miss on her hit damage coz when she hits she is cleaned already

I created a forum account because of this topic. Lady Loki doesn’t follow her own special’s words. The status affects should be removed first, placed on the enemies, and then fire off damage based on how many status ailments were removed. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I found that out due to the blind ailment as well. She missed every single enemy. Please fix this. I was excited to cleanse Drake and, well, didn’t happen. Lol Thanks

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