[SOLVED - V36 Update] Lady Locke hitting all instead of 3 when aiming at the corner

I know that with new formations hit target and nearby hits all when aiming at the center but isn’t supposed to be that way when aiming at a corner hero. Or is it?

Having seen the video of this hit the full sequence of events was:

  1. player manually placed targetting reticule on Magni

  2. targetted Magni with Gregorio

  3. Greg killed Magni but he revived.

  4. player fired Lady Locke WITHOUT manually setting a new target.

  5. system targetted Musashi on left wing, due to Magni being an “unavailable target” as he was in ghost mode.

  6. system executed animation on Musashi (as expected).

  7. when placing the Moonlight Serenade ailment, system seems to have "“hung” on the manual target on Magni

I have tested Lady Locke since in W and M formations, targetting the wing positions manually and the “target and nearby” behaves as expected (hitting only positions 1,2,3)

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Marking as Solved per V36 Update:


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