[SOLVED - V36 Update] Jabberwock (&Bjorn) showing only 1 strike

Essentially, when there is only one target and the Multi Strike hero is on the defending team, the damage is processing as a single strike only.


  • Jabberwock vs. taunt
  • Jabberwock vs. single opponent
  • Bjorn vs. single opponent.

It only occurs when the multistrike hero is on defence (i.e. Jabberwock MUST be on defending team).

I’ll try to grab a screenshot but @Mr.Spock has also seen it occur (videoed?)

And this one shows Bjorn. Single damage shown only, not a double strike & two sets of damage.

Possible other heroes who MAY result in the single damage # shown:

  • Alfrike
  • Misandra

The damage is not doubled?

Sorry, don’t read exactly, please ignore myself…

Thanks @Guvnor

What I’d most like to check is whether status effects that interact with the double-strike mechanic are working properly. With Blind, for example, only 1 total damage shown implies that a single ‘miss’ would result in no damage… whereas before, the blind would have to proc twice for that result.

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Not the point.

Jabberwock is supposed to 2x 300% strikes. Not 1x 600% strike.

Works this way in offence:

But when on defence, it is only showing 1x set of damage up (which is the bug)… The bug may be (specifically) is that it’s just summing the damage; or the bug may be that it’s executing wrong and doing only a single 600% strike…

I’m pretty confident that it isn’t. See above quoted SS showing the interraction on offence. Clearly still Proc’ing the damage twice. Just seems to be buggy on defence.

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Ho Hum.

Still not fixed… Or even being looked at?

BK taniting Jabberwock to himself only. Lists only a single damage strike… NOT the way it’s supposed to work. Meant to be TWO strikes for 300% each.

Maybe that is not a bug but an intended change.

Why? It works the same old (normal) way in offence?

The special skill stayed thay it does two 300% strikes.
Two strikes means two sets of damage.

If they’re summing the damage, why is it different in attack?

Is it possible to share a video of this? So we can better understand the issue.

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@Mr.Spock posted one months ago which sparked this bug thread initially:

6:23 in.

Not overly hard to reproduce. Put 1 Jabberwock on enemy (defending) team and 1 hero on the attack into team. Then charge enemy Jabberwock mana and watch.


Hey all, [edit I meant to reply @Petri 's request]

Not sure how much this adds, but you can see Misandra hit black knight for “1457” after 3 chain strikes and 1 taunt (attack boost war setting). Clearly, the damage was just summed, but you can see a bit of the confusion this summing creates in the top few comments for that vid. see time 5:42

Additionally, here’s another example with Jabberwock and a situation where the coding of the double hit could really matter, see time 6:40…
Does Gazelle get double hit, or was the taunt shown for one (or both?) doses of poison? Did Gazelle get two chances to proc companions? Not totally trivial, since if Gazelle dies it’s usually very, very bad.

Not a crisis :laughing: but please investigate and add to fix list, or clarify that the damage is summed but otherwise chance events are tested twice.


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