[Solved V36] Baba Yaga Passive skill description clarification

Can we get clarification on Baba Yaga’s passive… it lasts 3 what. Turns? But it is a stack? Are the turns refreshed if defense is increased within the three turns or just the stack is decreased? Seems a very odd description and I know when actually fighting it I won’t have time to figure out what is happening.


LOL. 3 seconds. 3 minutes. 3 hours. 3 days. Who knows?

Someone at Small Giant should be demoted. They can’t properly proofread anything correct. Players with OCD will not be able to get sleep on this. Too bad.


This stuff is easily caught in beta testing, but only two mythic titans were tested in beta.

From what I’ve seen it is a stack in the traditional sense and it’s not 3 anything.

Setting off wilbur immediately takes it to a 5x stack. It never goes down from there.

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The text is fixed now, but didn’t realize it was per hero… good thing my Wilbur almost never fired in the 2nd/3rd matches since I got no tiles!

Anyway. It claims 3 turns now, even if that makes little sense with a stack.

Should be after 3 turns the initial stack disappears but others will remain. So with Wilbur, use his special Yaga gets 5 stack next turn you use wilbur again in 2 turns it will go down to 5 then then next turn back to 0. If you are using Time/Freeze stops you may never see it go down as Wilbur will keep going off.

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