[SOLVED - V35] War Bug -- Zombie / Undead Drauger being invisible (Marie-Therese / Shadereave)

Just encountered invisible azlar in def team bug in var.

Def team was consist from Mother North - Shadereave - Zulag - Guin - Azlar.

I killed Azlar under Shadereave buff. He awoke as Draugr. I killed him again and in same turn MN fired. Azlar was resurrected as invisible original, and cannot able to target via my Magni + Lepus, but can strike well.

After my defeat he was in full health (because other MN heals affected invisible him).

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Please take notice on this Marie Therese bug. One of our alliance member still could make tile combinations and activate his heroes after her death.

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It happens with Shadereave too. I guess it can be happen also with Muggy, but do not see it myself.

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Marking as solved per V35 release notes:

In my raid tournament attack I killed all 5 of their heroes, however the battle was not over. I had to take another 15 or so matches before the victory was given. I believe this was a bug with Shadereave. He went off and I then killed all the heroes. They came back correctly, but when I killed the last one again is when the bug occurred. There were no heroes on the screen but the game thought the right wing was still alive. I took no damage but had to keep making matches/using specials. Fortunately it did eventually recognize the victory.


Your best bet is to contact support

Send as much information as you can good luck.

Hi @Jammoner , this bug has been fixed in the latest update :slight_smile:

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