[SOLVED - v35] Rounding error with kageburado special

Earlier I used a kageburado special against a Richard in a raid. Richard has 667 / 1332 health. Kageburado’s special skill clearly hit for the 250% damage value, rather than the 450% against heroes with greater than 50% health.

666 would have been 50% health, therefore the expectation is that 667 would be >50% health.

I suspect the code is rounding or truncating 667/1332 to 50% before comparing the value.

It would be more precise to do (pseudo code)

If (target.currentHealth * 2 > target.maxHealth){
specialAttackStrength = 450%

This would prevent the need to round at all.



I can confirm this, it happened to my twice in last two months (± 1000 raids with Kage). But never got the time to actually post it here, so I just started rounding it the same way :man_shrugging:

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This has been reported previously but topic was closed without any feedback from the developers. See below link:

I encountered same issue just now, enemy Neith had 713/1425 health remaining so I expected Kage to kill her but he only did half damage. Obviously no screenshot is available as I did not anticipate this outcome

Im pretty sure there is a bug in Kages extra damage when target health is over 50%. I just had a raid against BK tank, and BK had 851/1699 hp left (over 50%), but Kage hit only 294 damage to him. 851/1699 is close 0,500883 but it is still error because hp>50%.

BK after Kages hit.

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This will not be a satisfactory answer, and I can’t even tell you for sure if it’s correct, but my guess is it’s a rounding issue. Maybe needs to round to 51% to work as expected?

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This is quite possible. I’ve been a Kageburado owner for a long time now and I’ve noticed that every once in a while he will strike for weak damage when the target HP is above half. It only happens when the HP is around 50%, though, so your explanation might be it. I haven’t ever looked into it before.

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I confirm the anomaly … it has been happening ever since I took kageburado … almost 2 years now … when you hit an enemy with slightly more than 50% life … most of the time it does no damage … ie it causes little damage like if it had less than 50% life

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It was discussed few times already, but no Devs answered to such topics. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for repIies. I figured someone must have noticed this before.
It is most likely related to rounding. It should still be fixed.

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Admittedly, I never noticed this since most enemy heroes hit by this hero usually dies as he is comboed by my Guardian Panther and/or Tiburtus with maxed costume bonus. As a Kageburado owner, I am very much interested on what the Small Giant staff has to say on this.

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EDIT: Flagged my own post. If this doesn’t get their attention, I don’t know what will. :no_mouth:


Thank you for the report. You are correct, and we’ll fix this for Version 35.


Holy crap, that’s a gold mine of @‘s for me to potentially annoy some day! Who knew my baseless speculation above would result in such a treasure trove?! :joy:



Well, it took @Xakary one year to have this matter finally acknowledged, he being the first to post his observations on Kageburado. Thanks to those others who have noticed this issue, too.


I hope Small Giant and their staff won’t punish me for those @s by giving me purely Dawas everytime I summon from any portal for the year 2021 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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Yes, Petri. If it happens, please blame @gregschen :grin::grin::grin:


lmao! Sorry Petri! I was 100% joking. But I realize it could give others ideas…


Marking as solved per V35 update:

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however gurnovor the error of kage continues … most of the time at the life limit with hp just over 50% kage does almost always less damage …

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