[SOLVED V35] Revive in war by marie-therese bug?

Just wondering if this is a bug or not but I found it very odd when this happened.
One of my opponents in the war had marie-therese. During the fight she went off and gave everyone the zombie blessing. While that was active I killed Onatel and she got revived as a zombie
Nothing special so far but at this point the tiles dried up and I got my butt kicked into next week. At least I killed Onatel…or did I?
When I looked at the line-up left after my fight I noticed a full health Onatel in the enemy team. I had no idea what to expect to see in place of Zombie-Onatel but it wasn’t that.
The way I see it; every ally that revives as a zombie is restored to their original character after the battle is won. There is a huge difference in strength between a zombie and the original hero.

The question is whether this is a bug or not.

Have a look at this. [Master] How does revive work in Wars?

It could have the same situation as MT zombie effect.
My guess they put it down to you didn’t kill zombie ontel, but should she back as a zombie as that how she was left as, interesting.

I actually watched a clip of the mother North revive in war on YouTube as someone was curious about that.
What happened was that he attacked the team and killed a bunch of heroes and then left the fight. He then went back in and let Mother North revive a bunch of heroes before leaving again. None of the heroes came back in the roster and remained dead after he left.
So then he tried something else. He went back in and let Mother North again revive a bunch of heroes. This time he killed Mother North and left the revived heroes alone. As he left he got a lost notification and the enimy team was also defeated.
So the revive of Marie-Therese, and probably muggy as well, works completely different in a war compared to Alby and Mother North. I guess it is because they get revived as something completely different.

Here is the link to the youtube clip: Empires & Puzzles Alberich revives in War. What happens? Part 1 *Mythbusting* - YouTube
and: Empires & Puzzles Alberich revives in War. What happens if he does? Part 2 - YouTube
Also it was Alberich and not Mother North in this case but the principle is the same.

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Yeah iv seen them before actually forgot that he tried them in the war.
The only thing I can think of is that there not actually dead but in Zombie or bruiser so prob have to kill them off completely for them to be eliminated from the war.
Could chuck the shread 4* red for his revive in that too as prob have the same effect.

there is one similar game like this. in that game when the hero comes to life and then you kill him then it counts twice

It was a while ago now, before I knew what alby did (8 months or more), and he went off, revived heroes, I lost and then went back and those revived heroes were alive again on the main page.

I think they are only alive to YOU… If someone else comes in they will be gone

I had this same thing happen to me as well. I took down the tank (Telluria) while the zombie blessing was active, and a zombie was revived in the tank position. My team was then taken out with the zombie tank still at full health. When I returned to the war battlefield screen Telluria was alive with full health. It seems a bit unfair that the full hero gets restored if the hero was previously reduced to a zombie.

Can we get confirmation whether this is a bug or working as expected?

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