[SOLVED - V35] Possible bug with Gullinbursti vs Guardians of Teltoc Yellow shields (or Ursena)

I was using Gullinbursti today in the Challenge Event (Guardians of Teltoc). I noticed that his damage dealt after his special effect ends was getting through the yellow reflection shields. At least on the yellow minions. I believe it was also hitting the bosses, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if he somehow bypasses the reflection shields.!

I have another problem I don’t get rewards for completing a stage in Guardian of teltoc

Is it actually dealing the damage? Like are the enemy health bars going down?

Or is it just showing the icon & the damage is actually being done to your team?

Can confirm, it deals the damage and guilinbitsti doesn’t take any damage. Personally I’m all good with it. It’s a flat effect, so I’m not complaining.

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Yes it it dealing damage, that’s actually how I first notice it. Two yellow minions dropped dead and I couldn’t figure out why, until it happened a 2nd or 3rd time. I agree with ManiacOfMayhem that I’m fine with it, especially if that is how he is supposed to work. But I thought I should report it, in case it’s not.


@Guvnor, just to check I went and played a level, here’s a screenshot from that match

So yep, looks like he’s dealing some damage. I wonder if it’s because it’s not a direct hit, so there’s nothing to reflect?

I did notice that hits by yellow tiles were being reflected as expected.

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ursena doesnt work on piggy; normal?

I’ve seen this somewhere… i’m not 100%sure but i think it was maned as “working as intended”
When gullibusudsdtsduy fired the special was the ursena buff already casted?
just to try to know if “ailment” still aplies

Maybe this not sure…

yup, it’s in the video above

I experienced and confirmed this during Teltoc also. Near as I could figure, the yellow reflect didn’t work because Gill wasn’t actually hitting/firing, the opponents were “receiving” damage. No fire or hit, nothing to reflect. I haven’t tried it on Ursena, but I would think the same concept would apply.

Here is the image I took from Teltoc to confirm his special was effectively bypassing the reflect.

Gullinbursti damage is status damage not direct damage. And it is not applying status ailment… so they said…

Update per V35 notes:

@Petri / @KiraSG can you confirm if this change extends to Ursena’s reflect shields also?

Hi guys,

I have just read the maj update regarding the special of Gullinbursti and how it’s special in now correctly reflected by yellows on Teltoc’s event and yellow rare titans.

It seems however that ursena’s reflect is not working against Gullin’s special skill.

I don’t think this is intended considering the above mentioned maj. It should therefore be fixed as it’s not working as of now.

Best regards,

A lot of the times the updates dont go live till it is pushed to everyone’s device. I know for example mine is still 34.0.2 and no new version in the playstore. May need checked in a couple of days to see if still not working correctly :thinking:

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Hi @Artamiss , see above comments. I asked for confirmation if it is still intended for Ursena to not reflect the damage.

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Any update? Ursena still does not reflect Gullinbursti special after the maj.

Haven’t heard anything back