[SOLVED V35] No level up screen.....again! -- NOT LOOT TICKET RELATED

This time playing the tower. Leveled up (only knew coz it was counting the exp points) no level up screen and this time nothing in the activity log either!!

Yes, already mentioned by others…

And this Ninja…

I think this should be separate thread, pls moderator do not merge this 1st, because it is not Loot Ticket, if merged, then change the tittle for not only Loot Ticket case. Because Loot Ticket already fixed.


Adjusted the title.


seems to be Ninja related…

just happened to me as well in the tower.
refill occurred und roster space increased, but no official banner


Someone above said it happened in KoA so possibly all quests / events.


Hey I just leveled up in the game in my alt account and got nothing for it WTH???

Version 34

  • Fixed a visual bug where you could not see the level up popup when leveling up using loot tickets.

Same issue happened to me, but my situation is leveled up during challenge event Avalon, no popup info. It is only visual. Level 71 hero cap is +1 as intended.
But I’m not sure for the gems, because there are no info in history.
And I’m using Game Version 34 on iOS.

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As far as I know, even tho’ you updated the game, the new version needs to be enabled first.

That means you won’t see the Version 34 changes until they fully roll the updates.

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No. Most changes, like this, are effective immediately. It’s entirely client side.

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Then the bug wasn’t resolved.

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I got the level up screen using loot tickets, so yes, it is resolved. That doesn’t mean there’s not another bug…

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I had the same issue as @jinbatsu where I levelled up during playing Avalon event. No pop up but cap increased & loot rcvd.


I also didn’t get pop-up for a level-up in KOA. My flags were refilled, but I don’t see that I got anything else. No WE max increase or roster size increase.

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I had the same issue playing the Ninja Tower quest. Best wishes :smiling_imp:

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To respond to this topic and to reinforce what @Hexa said with my own experience because that’s what happened to me last night as I was about to level up from Level 73 to Level 74. I was about 2800 XP away when I attempted 1 or 2 Ninja Tower stages (which were about 2200 to 2300 XP each completion). So I should have gotten the level up message on the second stage completion, which I did not.

So I went out to the home page. My alliance chat indicated that I had leveled up. My WE Cap went from 53 to 54, it had already been full at 53/53 prior to the level up, and it was at 54/54, so I assumed it refilled. Didn’t pay attention to the Token count or the Gem count though.

But looking through my Recent Activities Screen (see screenshot below)

It seems that the 10 Gems and the Silver Token was lumped in together with my Ninja Tower stage completion reward and reported as “Battle Reward” along with the Ninja Coin and the Emblem.

While I can only assume that I did get the gems and tokens (I didn’t check my inventory prior to level up), my thought is that this only seem to occur during non-map/quest stages such as Ninja Tower / Challenge Event Stages (like the Knights of Avalon mentioned above) where XP acquired are displayed, but there is no associated current XP Progress bar that shows an animation with each completion. The level up pop up screen seems to correctly display if you leveled up with the completion of a map stage (where you see the amount of XP gained) and a progress bar below (it flashes as your XP goes over the threshold), then the pop up seemed to be displayed then, at least that was how it was in the past. But if the XP Progress bar was not available post-battle from the level up (like in the NT), there is no pop up. But the rewards should still be given.

Not sure if this is the correct assessment to the situation or if it is how it is supposed to work now, but at least there is a way to see if you got the associated rewards for leveling up. Check to see if your WE cap or Roster cap increased, check the recent activities report, and finally, check your inventory (before and after).


I’d really love to know why SGG is messing with core code like this.

I just leveled up to 74 and did not get anything for it. It wasn’t even announced in alliance chat.

Clearly a bug, report it. Hope they’ll hand you the silver coin.

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Known issue, see No level up screen.....again! -- NOT LOOT TICKET RELATED

Edit: and yes, you got your level up rewards.

Levelled to 74 today during Pirates. No pop-up. Did get my 1 WE bump. I see 10 gems & silver token in Activity log as a Battle reward, so probably no issue there. It was in Alliance chat.

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