[SOLVED V35] Game freezes when disconnecting from bluetooth

I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything related to this.
If I have my phone connected to bluetooth headphones and then while in a raid/quest/stage disconnecting the bluetooth or changing the sound output, the game will completely freeze and the only way to get it back is to force close the game and start it up again causing you to lose any progress on that stage or a raid. It’s been happening across multiple versions of the game and reinstalling it does nothing.
Any info on this would be appreciated.

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@Dyna49 I have found your topic, it is closed with no answers at all but I believe I can provide you and anyone else some deeper input about this bug.

When in battle you connect to or disconnect from BlueTooth (BT) device game freezes. It doesn’t crash, it doesn’t close itself, it just freezes and will be in freeze state forever unless you force it to shut down (or reboot your phone of course). I tested it on two different Android phones (no Apple tests) with 3 different BT devices - two different BT speakers and… well, and my car.

I have found Dynas topic which matched exactly mu issue so I thought that it would be good to report a bug via in game support so they can look into it. Oh, never I have been so wrong.

First several days I was getting some “get-lost” “copy-paste” answers from operator that couldn’t understand difference between BT connection and WiFi connection, so he constantly advised me to use reliable network connection, switch to mobile data, switch to WiFi data, use reliable network connection, update Android, update game, wipe phone, use reliable network connection, clean my room, update my car and use reliable network connection. It was funny only first 15 times but I kept pushing. Then they changed strategy and told me that maybe, just maybe my network is OK, but it is not the game’s fault that it freezes, but it is BT’s fault. I mean, game doesn’t freeze when switching networks (at least for certain period), game doesn’t freeze when you pick up a call, do screenshot and send it via messenger, open browser in mid-battle and do countless things, all in mid-fight of course unless the connection is lost or you loose when timer goes to 0, but suddenly BT connecting/disconnecting freezes it. It seems to me like unhandled exception which should be handled by game devs the same way as every other exception when something happens during mid-battle (call, sms, alarm, notification, etc.). But simply no one thought about it and it stayed unhandled until now.

I have explained everything and have finally been redirected to some competent operator who tried to replicate the issue on yet another model of Android phone, and game frozen instantly. So they admit that it seems to be some kind of bug and developers will be notified. What I believe is they just don’t care about it at all, cause they are busy with designing another 99,99€ offer. Bug is not so common cause not so many users mess with BT connection during gameplay, but it can be replicated easily.

Please feel free to mention this post when you have similar issues that you want to be solved by support. Prepare for long and tedious battle with inexperienced operators though.

And please use reliable network connection…

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Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue. I don’t usually walk around with my heaphones while playing this game, but there are times when my kids will take my BT headset or my wife will take my car and when that happens it auto connects, as it’s mine - durrr, and it completely negates any battle I was in. It’s definitely frustrating and for them not to care is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure it’s not too long/hard (pun intended) of a fix, but there aren’t many who are complaining about it. I sure as hell don’t have the time to go back and forth with the bots behind the in-game support. Thanks for the info though. Cheers

Marking solved per V35 release notes:

I was quite surprised that is had been fixed. But as an inquisitive bastard I updated the game to version 35, connected my BT speaker, I have launched the game and disconnected BT speaker. And do you know what happened?

IT FROZE, as usual.

So what they basically did was nothing. You can remove this part from the update log because it is a lie.

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I dunno what happened with your case, but it appears to be fixed with mine. I tested it in both stages/raids while connecting to the same bluetooth headset/car when the problem was occuring, and it definitely looks resolved on my end. Turning the BT on/off on the headset/in the car or on the device doesn’t cause the game to freeze outside of or during battle. There is a slight (half a sec) flicker when the app is changing the sound output, but it definitely does not freeze any longer.
PS. I tested using Bose SoundLink Wireless AE2 headphones and BT in 2 cars. Seems legit

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For me it still behaves exactly the same as before. I have v35 updated of course.
Connect to any Bluetooth device mid-fight - freeze.
Disconnect from any Bluetooth device mid-fight - freeze.
Tested in my car and 2 BT speakers
I assume they have just found partial solution which works in some cases and flagged the issue as solved.
To be honest I don’t even care and I won’t bother reporting it once more. They will tell me that it has been fixed or to use reliable network connection.
If they are not interested in fixing bugs properly then I am not either.

Oh I feel ya and I know exactly how that goes. I have the same problem with some of the devs at the software company I work for :rofl: “Look, it’s working fine on my device in debug mode…so it must be fine”. I was actually able to trigger the freeze again while disconnecting from BT while on Auto-Play. My headset was connected to 2 devices at the moment - my Macbook Pro while in a meeting and my phone. I disabled the BT on my phone form the dropdown and it froze as the tiles were flying off during auto play for one of those PoV dailies. I tried reproducing it but couldn’t as it kept working just fine after that. This was the first time it’s happened since they announced the “fix” for it. But the fact that it’s happening again is a bit discouraging. Sorry that you’re experiencing this. Considering how much money people spend on this, Zynga should be expected to invest into proper QA :laughing:.

Oh, they just don’t care. They maintain minimal quality of the game with maximum profit. And players should buy stuff and not report some dumb bugs…

I haven’t been able to have it working for me, but I am not trying constantly wasting my world energy.

Can you provide some more details about the device & software version you are using? Also any info about the bluetooth devices?

Could help to compare your device stuff with what @Dyna49 uses?

No, I can’t. I have no idea how to determine “device & software version” of my car.
Actually now it works randomly - recently my BT speaker run out of battery and switched off itself, and the game just went on with no crash. The other time it froze. Same phone, same game version, same BT device with same software version (no idea which one, though).
Workaround proposed by devs is just full of bugs - I mean looking at the game we are getting used to it.
I will not provide any more info - I am not your beta tester. You should have a separate team responsible for it.

I had this problem last night. Game froze when in turned off my headphones.

But…I had been dealing with the stupid WebView issue all night, so I can’t be sure of the cause!

This issue has NOT been solved. Just happened to me in the middle of a WAR! And in a 2v2 war, losing a whole flag like that is fatal.

I was wrapping up my audiobook, and doing my war attacks while listening. Once the book was done, I turned off my bluetooth headphones, and the game froze up. I was in the middle of my third war attack with my strong team when it happened.

So, yeah, I’m a little bit upset.

ETA: I got 0 points for the attack that froze. It would have been bad enough for it to freeze and only give me points for the enemies I had wounded or killed up to that point. But, no. I got 0 points. The game stole a war flag from me, and gave me absolutely nothing in return.

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