[SOLVED - V35] Empires and Puzzles automatically closes -- Related to Reroll / Revenge when Online

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The subject basically says it all. But, whenever I lose a raid and then the player comes on and it allows me to reroll my game shuts down. I’m using a Google Pixel 4. It is happening almost daily lately.

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Happens to me on iPhone as well.

Occassionally on my android tablet as well

Settings - applications - Empires Puzzles cache cleaning … If you do these there is a chance it will fix, I experienced the same …

Ve sanıyorum türksün :slight_smile: Ayarlar uygulamalardan oyunu bul ve önbellek temizliği yap düzelecektir

I do a device maintenance twice a week (during war prep). Doesn’t seem to fix this very random issue for me.

Nor me. Hoping it will fix soon. But happy it is not in middle of the raid! Good luck all!

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When I lose a raid, and the opponent logs on immediately, a pop-up gives me the option to reroll or cancel. If I reroll, the game crashes and closes

It’s so annoying it’s been happening to me all the time lately

Hi, a quick update: this should be fixed in the upcoming update (Version 35). Thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, if you encounter this again, fully closing and restarting the app should help, alternatively, you could try accessing a different opponent via your Watchtower.


Just click next then find opponent the same will be chosen and then reroll. App will stay open.

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Every time I reroll in raids, the game boots me out

Same here. Connection error is my error. Didn’t lose the Raid Energy btw… it just disconects

I was getting that earlier too. It would just kick me and return me to the Stronghold

Me too, although only on the first reroll attempt. If I try again it works…

this was an issue happening long time ago

basically you raid someone and lose then select rematch and if the player is online you get the online message and the option to reroll or cancel. if you click reroll then the game crashes.

it only happens this way. normal reroll if you try to attack someone you reserved before doesn’t cause an issue

When raiding and lose and player comes online when clicking reroll it closes game

Had it twice now:

  • you have lost a raid to a player, you hit replay
  • “opponent is online” popup appears
  • hit the reroll button on the popup
  • app crashes

after restarting again, it works normally. But it seems specifically after having lost a raid already something goes wrong