[SOLVED - V35] Empires and Puzzles automatically closes -- Related to Reroll / Revenge when Online

This has happened on several occasions. The most recent occurence was at 10:18 or 10:19pm EST.

While raiding another player, they come on and you have the option to reroll because you can’t attack them because they are online.

When you choose reroll it closes the application.

I am running this on an LG phone running Android.

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Same issue. Game closes after trying the reroll option (most recent case just now for me after a raid attack that I lost, the enemy was online, forcing a reroll. When I clicked the button, the game closed. This has occurred several times to me since the last update). I’m using the latest version of the game on an iPhone Xs.

I have this same issue as well

Exactly the same happened to me earlier today too but on Android with latest version (33.0.1 build 1384) :cry:

I had the same experience starting a couple of days ago. Game closes when I am retrying a failed raid but the player got online forcing me to reroll only to find yourself booted out the game. Occurred several times and the last one was some several hours ago. At least I am not alone.

I just had the exact same experience occurring, for the 1st time…very strange. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Update: this happened twice already today .

Same here though is not the first time. Today was in the middle of righting season 3 26-7. It just went away today but at least two times before that the graphics froze and I had to restart the application. Not sure if they are related but getting tiresome losing the resources! Android on Galaxy s20+

I have the same problem… Actually for a while now.

When Re rolling an online player - Crash lol

I’m on current iOS and I have repeatedly noticed that if I lose a raid, the target now is online and is no longer an available target, and I click re-roll, the game completely crashes every time.


Hey, @Mr.Spock !
You are not alone experiencing this issue, I had it happened twice to me yesterday.
There are more players reporting it in this thread:


When fighting in a raid if your opponent comes online and you select reroll the app crashes every time. This started in the previous release but continues to the current.

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IOS 14.2 and game version 34.0.0 build 844

It also happens on Android. This bug has been going on for several months now. The game should not boot you out when you opt to reroll during raids after the player became online after a botched or failed raid hit

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I’ve only started experiencing it in iOS in the last month. Super annoying

Unfortunately you are not alone experiencing this issue but so far no @Staff_SGG @staff has responded to this issue.
Check this thread, more players have reported it:

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Sorry @Magnifique I missed your thread!

Thanks for reporting, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.


After I have attacked a player in raid and lost, while clicking to attack again it happens that the player is now online and the game suggests a reroll. When I click on reroll at this point, the game crashes and I’m brought to my home screen. It’s been happening for awhile now. I was just too lazy to report it.

Hello, am I the only one that gets kicked out of the game when you doing raids and you lose then the other player gets online and tells you to reroll you press the button and the game crashes. Its getting me a little frustrated.

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Kindly use the search option of this forum as certain topics may already be existing. For your issue, please read this: