[SOLVED V35] Cyprian Costume Special Skill percentage not increasing when Special Skill levels up

When levelling up Cyprian’s costume, as you get the “Special Skill Increased” message, actually nothing changes (All heroes get 60% counterattack for 4 turns). Doesn’t seem right, somehow, is it a bug/glitch?

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Neither a bug nor a suggestion.


After you’ll have maxed the costume you will be able to max the special by feeding more purples. It’s possible to get 100% chance of special up by feeding 10 1* or 5 2*.

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I think he is referring to the fact that even by increasing skill level the amount of reflected damage is 60% just as it happens with kailani costume attack power increase .


It is 60% and seems to start at maximum already. Borils costume started at 25% counter attack.

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Exactly this.
I think that they rushed costumes and forgot to unlevel the skills


Thanks for your posts, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.


Solved in V35 notes:

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