[SOLVED V35] Ameonna bug

Ameonna been hit in ghost mode?


Thank you for reporting, our QA team is looking into this. I will update as I know more.


Just diid a few map and Raids with her and mine seems to be working fine.
Slash attacks and specials arnt doing any damage to her?

time has not elapsed. why did i lose?

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My Ameonna’s ghost mode also disappears as soon as she or a fellow hero gets hit. Please fix and get back to me on this! The mode doesn’t last 4 turns at all.

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If your other 4 hero dies while Ameonna is in ghost form, you got declared “Defeated”. This happened to me at the last stage of Wizard/Sorcerer trials.

I haven’t seen that before so I tried to create a similar situation and it seemed ok

Could the turn have ended, the ghost affect ended also, and she got killed? It can happen very quickly.


I don’t think this was what happened but something that got my attention was, she was still in ghost form but she was at 1 HP. Which seemed weird to me too because I really didn’t think I switched to ghost form with 1 HP.

I do recall this



Mine also died with 1 HP while İN Ghost form.
İt’s been months, they need to fix it ASAP!

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You linked this into a closed thread but the issue isn’t fixed, seems like a new thread is warranted.

It prob bee merged into that thread at some point, as it’s a know issue but isn’t solved as yet I tagged JTB so they probably will do that at some point. Also been over 30 days snice a issue had been reported.

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Any movement on this one @KiraSG?


Jay to the Bee

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Marking as solved per V35 update:


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