[SOLVED V34] Returned before war started, but Ex-member on the battlefield? Help!

Hello, we go out to help somebody with Titan, we came back fro about 30 minutes before war begins, and now we have ex-member on war?
What happend?


we have the same bug.What happens?

I have the same problem I came back 37 mins before the war starts

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So that’s some kind of glitch… crap

I hope they manage to fix it and let us do the war as normal. This is placing our teams at a disadvantage :weary:

You think you’re flying birds and hunting titans in the valor, it’s not a mistake but that’s how it should be!


It is allowed to leave and come back prior to the start of the war so that’s not a problem. This seems to be a glitch/bug that we have encountered. Thank you

Why people should be punish for helpnig others? Yes they doing this for themselves but its still help right?


This has to be the best pseudo-nerf ever! The amount of merc requests that floods the chat rooms is tiresome.


Hi I have left and returned to my alliance before the war starts but I am still ex member on the field. Please can you help urgently.

I really don’t think there is anything that can be done. Sorry.

But should I not be ok since I left and returned before the war started???

Well then you will have to send a support ticket.
Maybe grab a screen shot of when you re entered the alliance as this will show evidence that you was indeed in the alliance before the war started.
I you maybe lucky and they can help you but I’m not sure how that works there end or as it’s being a glitch on there part they might send you something to say sorry.

This is how you can contact them.

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Thank you very much I will contact them

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Apparently I am not allowed access to send any requests

Can a staff member please help?

I have flagged your post for someone to look at it so hopefully there is somebody on the other end.

Thank you. Much appreciated

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I have the same problem(

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