[SOLVED -V33 UPDATE] Zulag's Special Dodged by Opposing Team

Ok, this is going to be a weird bug to explain:

A couple of days ago, I was raiding when the defending team’s Zulag’s special fired, and the three purple members on my team dodged it. My Kadilen’s Costume Dodge bonus was initiated, which had just saved my Kingston from Tyr’s special (he dodged). Then, Zulag fired and all three of my purple heros did the dodge animation. I would have though it just an animation glitch, but the little thorn minions also appeared, as summoned by the dodge. This was early in the fight, and I’d killed both the tank and other flank without activating the defender’s specials, so these were the only two specials that COULD have been dodged. The aftermath:

I tried to carefully kill Tyr and Richard, and leave Zulag so that I could repeat what happened, but a) the next time Zulag fired my costume bonus had expired and I hadn’t been able to recharge Kad yet, so then b) I saved Kad’s special until just before Zulag was about to fire, but a cascade of tiles (and an unexpected army of minions) had nearly killed Zulag, so if I fired Kad, Zulag would have died. Finally c) another accidental cascade killed Zulag (being a flank did not help her survive).

I haven’t been able to find another raider using Zulag on defense, so I’m hoping that another forum member will be able to see this and validate/reproduce/prove totally erroneous my experience. I can only think it was either a) my team dodging her Elemental Minion Summon or b) somehow the dodge of Tyr’s attack triggered all of my purples to dodge her somehow?


Ok, I can finally confirm, this is an actual bug. For some reason, Zulag “hits” opponents, if they have Dodge up.

I found this guy:

and, ironically, lost twice cause I accidentally killed Zulag two times before I got good screenshots :man_facepalming:.


During Zulag’s special (the match I made killed Clarissa to prevent her from muddying the data via an “extra” dodge/special going off):

Afterwards (you can see that Melendor also dodged by the extra minion, though it was partially obscured by the previous screenshot mini-image):

The crazy thing is that there’s a whole animation and everything of it hitting my players!
I never saw the animation when dodge wasn’t activated (:man_shrugging:), and I watched both the green and the purple members of my team dodge (not all activations shown in these screenshots).

Finally, I got a second one of it happening later.

(Sorry, I don’t have video recording/a youtube channel, so just accept the screenshots, plz.)

Side note: Clarissa’s elemental link special-def up, plus Zulag’s special defence & regular defense boost? Hot dang that is difficult to snipe through. My Gafar and Sartana would bounce off of them.

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The fix for this is included in V33. Thanks for reporting.


Great, thanks! I’d checked the release notes and it didn’t mention it, which is why I brought it up again.
Version 33 Release Notes & Status

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