[SOLVED - V33 Update] Special Skill Descriptions Wrong -- Ninja Tower Stage Preview

I was checking Mica’s special skill during the ninja tower.
For some reason his 1x mana charge says it gives all alles - 1% mana.

Don’t think so. No bug. It’s intended for first charge, will turn backwards with 2nd charge.

Wu also has i blind in his skill.

Does seem like a bug. The hero you can obtain (and I know it will be different than the one you fight in Ninja Tower) shows positive mana gen for allies for all three charges. I doubt it’s supposed to be negative for the Tower version of the hero…

The heroes you usually face as boss monsters are most of the time weaker in their special skills than they are in real (if you own them).

Weaker, yes. But charge 1 is negative 1% mana gen, charge 2 is plus 10% mana gen and charge 3 is plus 17% mana gen. Would charge one really be a negative effect on all allies- slowing mana gen instead of boosting it at all? That seems strange.

Take it as it is. No worries. Number of charges is completely random in defense.

The screen Is in my language (italian) but if you see It Say that It he use special with 2 charges he only deal damage. It May Be only visual bug here did not notice if he really do only damage during the fight.

This Is not a problem for me or in my opinion, but Just want to make evidence of this.

Thank your reporting, we are aware of this issue and it will be fixed before the next Ninja Tower Event

Marking this as solved per the V33 Update:

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