[Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there's another defensive buff casted on top of it

This happened to me today in war. Mits reflect was active and Cobalt went right through it.

Edit: After looking at @Jabarj post it makes sense. Makes Cobalt dangerous even with Mits.

Here’s another example of this bug where cobalt bypasses mitsuko’s buff for two heroes and doesn’t for the other two:

It’s not a bug most likely. Cobalts special has a chance to bypass defensive buffs of which Mitsukos reflect would be one of.

Except that at level 3, the chance is 100%. So either there is a typo on the card and it is not meant to be 100% or more likely, there is a problem with their coding.

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Ah, mistake on my part. Yes, it should not reflect at all on 3rd charge :+1:

Any acknowledgement of the issue? Anyone? @ScottySG?

Thanks for this topic and discussion. This is not a bug as Rangers cant bypass through Elemental Reflect, if they are of the reflected element. This also applies to Cobalt (Reflect is not the same as Counterattack).


But… It’s a defensive buff…?

I mean it has to be considered a “buff” as it can be dispelled by say Melendor or Sabina…

And as it’s cast for the purposes of defending against incoming special skills it is, by its nature, defensive…

Thus a defensive buff…?

Maybe should have some additional clarification about it somewhere in game that “reflect” isn’t considered a defensive buff but something different…

Also as another thing, the Ranger talent 100% can (or at least could) bypass the reflect buff… There are countless examples on the forum (and other content locations) which clearly show Finley bypassing mitsukos reflect shields. Unless there’s been an unannounced change to that feature…?


when the hell did that change?

finley was able to bypass mits buff from jump street and did so even after the changes to mits buff not being able to be dispelled by blue dispellers

feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but nowhere have i read in any release notes that the blue ranger and mits reflect relationship was changed


any recent examples cause i haven’t seen one in a long time

Trying to find one on the forum. Am on mobile so am slowed down.

There’s been no mention of the change in any release notes/ balance patches.

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I think you’re missing that cobalt does bypass that at a certain probability. We were discussing that it had to happen every time. Even if he shouldn’t bypass, there would be a bug.

Please just review this occasion:

He bypasses the two on the right but gets reflected by the two on the left.


Finley can definitely bypass Mitsuko’s reflect. He killed 2 of my hero’s with the Peirce ability when I had Mitsuko reflect up about 2 wars ago.


LOL I’m calling BS on that solution. Who’s with me?


Interesting info… that explain a lot why I rarely see Finley bypassing / piercing Mitsuko’s reflect.

If he does (and he definitely does sometimes, even tho very rarely), could this be a bug which is triggered by a second buff that Finley pierced? E.g. elemental link?


i figured the difference would have came between the way special skills proc and the way talents proc in relation to opponents buffs and whatever

surprised they’re sayin a secret change was made and did away with what seems to still be a reoccuring interaction

though not the first time, do recall petri even arguing against video proof that thoth minions couldn’t proc the sorcerer talent…guess i shouldn’t be surprised by anything in this game anymore lol

Please stop saying its working as intended when it is clearly a flaw in the programming. Either

  1. Mitsuko on Rangers is not working properly at the moment as you say because Finley/ Alasie/ Athena definitely DO bypass her blue reflect OR
  2. Cobalt is not working as intended. Oh wait. Did you even investigate the video shown where Level 3 Cobalt special bypassed 2 heroes and had 2 heroes reflect?

Not sure if it is in dispute or not, but here is a video showing Finley piercing through Mitsuko’s reflect – several times


Thanks for responding Kira… As a follow up and for complete clarity, are you saying that although the Ranger class at max level has 25% chance to bypass a defensive buff, this will never occur with a hero such Mitz because she has an Elemental Reflect? The second question would be does this also apply to the new Ninja troops in that defensive buff bypass do not apply to Elemental Reflects or no?

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@KiraSG why is he bypassing in this attack, so he’s not working as intended? Or is there a bug with defense up and reflect blue at the same time?