[Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there's another defensive buff casted on top of it

I just watched a video with Cobalt charged at 300% and he didn’t bypass Mits. Is this working as intended cause the card reads otherwise @Petri?

Can you perchance upload or link said video?

It was shared via line so grabbed some pics.


When I first saw Cobalt’s special the first thing that came to mind was the ranger talent and all the times Finley or Alasie bypassed my Mits reflect. I was really surprised to see that at 3 charges Cobalt’s special did not bypass.

The wording on the ranger talent and on Cobalt’s special are basically identical but the result isn’t. I don’t think it’s working as intended.

Here’s a video to show what I mean:

I’m also attaching a screnshot of both Cobalt and of a maxed ranger so the comparison is easily made.

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Any skill from a blue hero that will affect enemy heroes under Mitsuko’s reflect will get reflected.

Lol it’s a bug for sure… On tower, as boss, he always bypassed my mitsy reflection (even at charge 2)


I would think that mistuko reflect back as her speical is target at ice hero’s and that overirdes
Cobalt special but if @Rfm says it didn’t work on the tower event then :woman_shrugging:

Are we 100% sure that he has been emblemized?

He has bypass inside his skill AFAIK. But sure, it should be tried with other blue ranger.

At one point rangers did bypass her Reflect, but she was buffed a while back to block negative effects such a mana reduction, I think it blocked bypass also. I’ve killed a lot if Finleys and some Alaises and a can’t recall the last her special was bypassed by a blue ranger.

Lol finley, alasie and Athena do bypass…

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Not relevant, he is a wizard, he’s Emblems should have no weight here…
Point is his skill bypasses and it’s worded exactly the same as the ranger’s bypass


I forgot to mention Athena, but yeah, exactly my point

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Not true ffphier, ranger’s still do bypass Mits reflect, has happened to me this morning…

He should be able to bypass Mitsuko on Charge x3 no matter what (since 100% chance should mean that).

On charge 2 there’s a high likelyhood but not impossible that he won’t bypass her mirror of flames.

I do agree that this seems like a bug for sure.


It’s a odd one though as it’s pointed cobalt at level 3 charge should 100% bypass any riposte, but mistuko gives reflect back to ice x4 (that right? )
They both kinda counter each other so in that case wouldn’t it be they kill each other?

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The wording is basically the same…

Seemed reasonable to expect same results


Definitely a bug, I saw your vid this morning and already asked the same question in another post. Hopefully SG finds this and gets it fixed soon

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Didn’t see your post Atch…
Well, let’s just wait for confirmation and fixing…

I believe I know the answer.
When you use the special hit there’s a sequence in which every status affect applies:

  1. Talent
  2. Target’s effects
  3. Attacker’s effects
    (not sure, but it looks right)

Therefore, Finley’s talent allies first.
Cobalt’s special’s effects apply last. After Mits’s reflect.

E.g. for Kageburado it’s especially changed.
Maybe it’s changed for ninjas in the Tower, but not changed for ninja cards in a game that players get.

May be wrong, just an idea.