[SOLVED - V33 Update] Ninja Tower applying Oni Curse automatically on stage lose

Not sure if thats bug though, but I encountered it during play today:
Ninja Tower is clearing Oni counter on winning the stage - that’s ok.
Not sure if thats intended, but this doesn’t happen on failed stage. I had Gadeirus left with Oni counter on 2. He went down before the counter zeroed, and I have failed the level - and it looks like curse was automatically applied on Gadeirus, knocking him out of usability in tower (he is 2/2 now).
I thinks that this is bug as you have no possibility of cleaning the counter - yet you just failed the stage.

I’ve also seen counter on single fallen heroes, but - as you are still in play - you can clear that off, so it’s not big deal. The first thing seems like a bug for me.

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I believe that’s intended: otherwise you could flee from oni curses, limiting their effectiveness at making you rotate heroes.

Don’t quote me on this though, need someone closer to the devs to confirm.

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Yes the curses stick if the level is failed or you flee, beta was the same.

This event is meant to be difficult for even the most seasoned players


Oni curse applied after hero died…

I understand if tou flee to get the curse with you…but when you fail a round wtf…you don’t have the chance to clean it. It happen to me aswell…2 skills and killed all my heroes and i got the ■■■■■ course because just appeared in the screen

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Marking this one as solved per the V33 Update:


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