[SOLVED - V33 Update] Invite friends tutorial keeps showing repeatedly / again and again, even when tutorial has been completed, or when 20+ people invited [Staff response in Post #6]

Holy crap have to exit game repeatedly in order to play at all it forces me to try to invite friends no exit options please fix this I hate pop ups already and this just ruins what little play time I have. No fix I find a less annoying game to play.

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I haven’t been forced to invite anyone. If I was I would certainly complain and a lot. For me it was enough to go through that invite tutorial and then when you could leave it just close it and don’t invite anyone.

yup. but its a bug…


happens every time



hey guys! sorry for the confusion. This is working as intented and will be shown appox. every 60 days. This is to ensure your Friend Invites go through successfully! Based on your feedback, we are looking in to disabling the feature once you have reached your maximum amount of Invites.


It happened to me already but this time managed to grab a video. Despite already claimed rewards for 20 invitations, tutorial “how to invite friend” was shown after I launched the game. I have only one account.

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I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I understand you correctly @KiraSG. I already claimed rewards for 20 successful invitations and you claim I still must see the tutorial how to invite friends every 60 days?

Why do I need to see the tutorial every 60 days again?
It won’t change anything, I still won’t use it.
Could we then get a button to disable the 60 day reminder?


@KiraSG I suggest the same. We already got so many adds popping up. Don’t need a tutorial again and again.


I can’t send via Facebook and messenger. I don’t know why, probably someone blocked me

i have been invited by friend and i dint got 10 day vip after 10 lvl

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I have already gone through the invite friends tutorial. However it was showing up again today forcing me to click through it ( and that was after about 10 other popups).

SG needs more fresh money.
U better invite more friends

Yeah keeps happening to me too…

Did for a while then stopped and has done it a couple times recently…

I find it’s quicker to exit out of the game and reopen than it is to go thru the tutorial lol…

I got mad and exited without going through the tutorial again. But when I re-opened, the tutorial was there again…

One reason I quit playing Farmville (by Zynga) is that they kept pushing me to go here and do that. I march to my own drummer (can’t hear any other drummers, but that’s besides the point :slightly_smiling_face:). I open the game, I have limited time, just want to do what I want/need to do. But no, new farm available, teleports me there whether or not I want to go. By the time I manage to get back, the crop I was in a rush to harvest has rotted. Grrr, thanks for nothing…

Yeah, not a bug but a marketing ploy.

The best part of it for me, I’ve already invited 20 people. Clearly, I’ve know how it works and it no longer benefits me (“get rewarded!”).

Now and then the VIP pops up again. And instead of other popups that you need to spamclick away (this really could use some improvement tbh)

This one forces you to follow all steps up untill the invite option. Restarting the app does not help as it will force itself on your screen again. This one-


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