[Solved -- V32 Update] Zocc is not working with Onatel

Hey guys, im not sure, but i think this is a bug that Zocc is not working with Onatel, when Onatel uses her ult and then Zocc gives mana to an enemy, Onatel is not getting mana after that. I think that Onatel should increase her mana after Zocc ult. What do you think? @Petri

did the enemy died after zocc special or did he kept alive?

He was alive thats why i think this is a bug

I’m not sure if I understand correctly what happened.

Onatel used her special first on some of your heroes.

Then you used Zocc special on some enemy heroes while Onatel was activated.

Was Onatel targeted by Zocc special? If that’s the case she should have gained mana.

If that’s not the case, then I don’t see any reason of Onatel gaining mana. She steals from opponent generated mana and Zocc special doesn’t give mana to his allies.

No, Onatel and Zocc on my team, first i hit with Onatel, then i hit with Zocc to the same target as Onatel and give an enemy 50% mana, and Onatel even on first stage should steal 25% of mana from an enemy hero, but for some reason she is not.


I think that both are on the same team.

This sounds like it could be a bug. But it could also be due to differences in wording. Onatel steals generated mana, but Zocc increases mana.

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thats sad if so, because this combo is really nice

It seems like Onatel on offense is only stealing mana that is gained when a defense hero is hit with tiles. Zocc and Alby are the only heroes I remember that directly give mana by hero specials. Not sure if this is the intended mechanism of interaction with Onatel’s special.

I wonder if Onatel steals mana from an Alby on defense who has fired.

But then again, Zocc is the only hero who directly increases mana, whereas Alby increases mana by a buff.

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Oh I see, sorry for my misunderstanding.

Well I think we should wait for an official voice to see if this is working as intended.

It would be a nice combo to give mana with Zocc and steal it with Onatel.

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Yeah, I think it’s worth pursuing to get a formal answer. I just think of other specials that give mana. For instance, Alberich’s wording uses regenerates but Misandra’s uses gains. Can Onatel steal from those, too?

i didnt test it with Onatel and Misandra, so im not sure. But it would be really cool

I’m fairly certain Onatel steals mana from Alby’s buff, as well as from Misandra’s direct increase, so it’s surprising to me to hear she doesn’t steal from Zocc’s direct increase as well. Def interested to hear how this ends up.

ETA: Now also wondering if Hel/Proteus prevent Zocc’s increase too!

ETA2: I don’t plan on leveling my own Zocc for a while, but will try to test on some early map levels with an unleveled Zocc, and will report back.

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Update. I tested several scenarios, and Zocc’s mana increase was indeed affected by all of the following:

  • Proteus prevented the increase
  • Ei-Dunn reduced the increase
  • Onatel stole part of the increase

Will add screenshots shortly.

Update (took a couple of attempts bc pics loaded in wrong order at first)

  1. Proteus:

  1. Ei-Dunn:

  1. Onatel:

image image image


So according to @gregschen pics, Onatel does steal mana from an opponent targeted by Zocc special.

Wasn’t this your case @jack5555? Is there a possibility that the opponent you targeted with Zocc was already fully charged in mana so that opponent didn’t gain any extra mana?

Side note: What a combo is that Onatel steals mana granted by Zocc!

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Hm, that is strange, because i have video proof that its not working, its only 22mb, not sure where is the best place to upload it to show.

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Probably youtube. Or you can take screenshots of the different points in the video which illustrate what you’re saying, then you can post them here directly.

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What hero are you targeting? Could the cleric class ability be impacting it?

Are you just looking at mana bars or are you looking for the swirl Onatel gets when stealing mana like in the last pic?

Guys, please check the video and you will see. Im not sure, maybe this bug is related to the season 3. https://vimeo.com/451759153


Looks like the enemy you targeted with Zocc did not gain any mana (as far as I can tell), such that Onatel’s special on that enemy prevented the mana given by Zocc (The enemy was marked as not gaining 100% mana due to Onatel’s special - so far, so good) and yet Onatel herself did not gain said mana. Odd for sure.

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yes, so Onatel was stealing 100% mana so when Zocc used hes ult no mana was added, that make sense, but in this case Onatel should gain 50% mana from Zocc’s ult. This is the issue i think.

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