[Solved -- V32 Update] Lady Locke Visual Bug - No Skill Animation (linked to status ailments...?)

Noticed this while doing the Challenge event and a couple times when facing Lady Locke in raids…

Sometimes her special skill doesn’t fire the animation… Just a pause then the ailment pops up on my heroes & any ailments on the other team are cleansed…

So the special skill works, just no animation. Not sure if there is sound or not as I play with everything muted.

My current hypothesis is that the “failed animation” is linked to Lady Locke having a status ailment on her…

May be linked to this old bug: [SOLVED - V30 Update] Lady Locke vs Malosi Special Skill (Visual Issue)


I noticed that too. I was lucky enough to pull Lady Locke yesterday with a free coin pull so i can run some tests if needed.


I’ve used her on offence a lot and not noticed it, but I don’t pay much attention to my own animations ,:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed this during the event as well. Never though about ailments but it makes sense as I typically have DOT’s or Def Downs on enemies the whole time.

Yes, I had the same problem. Her skill animation doesn’t show all the time, but after a few seconds the effect is applied. Same thing happened with Sargasso also a few times.

Same problem here.

I don’t have her in my roster and I think she doesn’t have animation for her special :grimacing:, but I saw a green treble clef a couple of times.

One animations per each 5 times.

I noticed the same thing. I think it might have also been a little slower which affects scoring. Not sure about that though.

I noticed the visual effect bug too, both when raiding versus her and in the challenge event that is running these days, even without using malosi against her.

I got her in my rooster and it seems to me that the visual animation works fine when using her in my team against others.

I noticed the visual bug, and sometimes when the animation went off and she was targeting my wings she would actually hit my flank.

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I THINK this is the intended bug that the above is referring to… Hopefully is resolved but will keep an eye on it :stuck_out_tongue: