[Solved -- V32 Update] Inari is dodging Bera, with no damage done

So, during war Inari gets her special off, so all 5 defenders have the opportunity to dodge and get fox minions. I counter with Bera so that if they dodge they don’t summon their minions (assuming, of course they get tagged). But the middle three dodged Bera’s special and all summoned fox minions. My question isn’t so much about the minions, but what did they dodge? Bera’s special is a minion summon for my allies, there is no portion of her special to dodge?

They have probably dodged the poison DoT from Bera’s minions attacks, I guess.

I think Inari’s special has the chance of dodging special attacks and not only the damage from them. So if I’m not mistaken she also has the chance to dodge status effects. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen mine dodging JF’s status effects at least once.

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A similar case (Noor + Inari) has been reported, and marked as “currently investigating” since August.

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Thank you for the report! We have identified a bug here and this will be hopefully fixed in the next update (version 32).

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10-4. Thanks for the reply.

Why is it bug? Inari dodges everything. Cant she dodge now berra’s Block? Inari is avarage compared to C. Kadilen. Dont nerf Inari she deserve a buff

No, Inari’s minions only dodge a direct attack from a special. Bera’s “attacks” are all from the moth minions, which are not dodged.

No, Inari dodge direct special and ALL status aliments and dispels. She can dodge everything. She was my strong weapon against Kage in old times cos all allies could dodge him. Margaret - dodge ONLY direct damage special.

Marking as solved in V32 Update.

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Yes, direct attacks, but not from minions. Bera and Noor to not have direct attacks.

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