[Solved -- V32 Update] Debuff Icons missing from Revived Fighter Heroes

died from special that has burn
and burned but not shown

Do you have the full video of that fight? Could you upload it to YouTube perchance?

sorry. deleted it
but only had the 3 sec after i saw the bug

i was able to recover it @Guvnor

burn was from marjana; she burns less than kelile…
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Video is still found wanting. But the first screenshot appears to have a visual bug lacking the burn DOT on Magni but can still be read when you check the hero.

It may be because after Magni was killed by the DOT of either Marjana or Kelile, he was able to revive due to his class, and was subsequently felt the effects of cleanse and HoT from c.Rigard, who was subsequently hit again by Marjana and/or Kelile’s skills and then got their mana full again after ghosting

cronological events:

  • rigard special
  • marjana special
  • magni dies
  • magni revives
  • magni gets h.o.t. from rigard
  • magni gets burned (hp low can be checked)
    i see and take video to be able to pic the wrong stats

thats my input :slight_smile:

gl reproducing and fixing it SG!

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So, this here just happened: I activated Magni special, fully expecting to kill a hero during a raid, and then saw “miss”.

Turns out the Drake accuracy debuff was still there, but for some reason the icon was missing from Magni specifically (despite being visible on Mitsuko).

Not that it would matter much here as I’d already lost, but I can see this losing someone an otherwise winnable war or tournament match.

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Did Magni revive? After reviving, fighters keep the status ailments. Perhaps the revival triggered the visual bug :thinking:


Yeah, he did. I think you’re on point with this - I have seen some other cases with glitchy visuals after reviving.

For a moment there I thought C.Dom could have cleansed him while still alive, but nope.

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Joon hit magni and blinded him but the small icon didn’t appear on the card, just when opening the hero description. Photo attached for proof.

Was (perchance) the order of events:

  1. 1 – Enemy Joon sniped your Magni
  2. Magni died & revived
  3. you healed magni

If so I think it’s the same as this bug:
Debuff Icons missing from Revived Fighter Heroes

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Can’t confirm if that was the order but I will check more carefully if it happens again

I’ll merge for now & can separate if needed.

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I have another one. Drake blinded/killed Kingston. Kingston revived, blind ailment icon does not appear on the status view, only within the full hero view. I don’t have a cleanser on this team. Kingston was not healed, BT and Eve (elemental link heal) have been dead for several rounds, anyway Kingston still has 1 health, so was definitely not healed. So my Kingston missed his special because he was blinded but I didn’t see he was blind. This was my Kingston’s second revive in a row, which is how I was able to take this screenshot.

Happened again and now I can confirm that it happened in the order you said. Thanks

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Just wanted to add another very similar case. Kingston got silenced, then killed and he revived. He’s still silenced but he looks normal (no icon, no gray bar). Just tapped on him so the “silenced” message appears as proof.

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@Petri and @KiraSG, probs worth having QA investigate if they aren’t already doing so.

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thank you for reporting and including the helpful screenshots, and to @Guvnor for bringing it to our attention. This issue has been escalated to our QA team who have been able to reproduce the issue and are now investigating. I will give more information when I have it.


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