[Solved -- V32 Update] Darker mana bar

Hi, I noticed that sometimes mana bar for heres becomes darker that other.
Check out the screenshot. Sumitomo Has darker mana bar.

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This has happened to me a couple of times in the past, never figured out what it was but it never stopped me from using the specials so I assume it’s visual only

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Have also had this happen once or twice. No idea what triggered it but as above it didn’t impact on me and the bar still showed yellow & flashed when I could use special so…

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This is a small bug that I´ve seen for months now. When a hero is affected by a status ailment “receive damage when mana is full”, the color of the mana bar changes during that status ailment. But, if that hero receives such damage, when you start the next game with that same team (or is it same hero?), the color of his mana bar remains different during the first round. For example the green hero below, in the previous game he was affected by such a status ailment (and died I believe), and in the next brand new different game, his mana bar has a slightly different (wrong) color.

I saw the wrong mana bar color often, but till now I didn’t realize that the cause is that in the previous battle this hero was affected by the mentioned status ailment.

See also for other examples the closed topic Darker mana bar

Just wondering since the cause is now known… has this already been fixed, or is it scheduled to be fixed? Thanks.

I have escalated this based off your reports and we are looking into it. Please note that is this a visual bug only and should not effect any gameplay. I will update here once I know more.

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Marking this one as solved in the V32 Update.

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