[SOLVED - V30 Update] Ymir's max HP cut bypass Mitsuko's buff

Ymir have max HP cut on his skill (60 HP per skill):

In the whole battle, I only took 2 skill without Mitsuko’s reflect activated which means my heroes should only lost 120 max HP. But as you can see from the picture below, they took around 30% or 400-500 HP.

I decided to test it to see it with my own eyes, Mitsuko reflect is still active in its last turn, this is what happen:

Despite reflecting the damage and ailment (see the reduced heal ailment icon), it do not block the max HP cut. I understand that max HP cut is not status effect thus it cannot be reflected. However, Mitsuko skill should have block it as it is a negative effect.


The skill in Mitsuko’s card said that it block other negative effects.


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Health Reduction is not a status effect. Never was.

As a result Mitsuko will not reflect it. Same as Ursena doesn’t reflect the Mana Cut from Guinevere. Nor Mitsuko reflecting the “debuff” from Sonya.

Only reflects STATUS EFFECTS.

I made this observation initially in Beta Testing and highlighted it on the original Alfrike thread:

Also then copy & pasted to all the new HP reduction Heroes (Almur & Fura)

Look again at Mitsuko’s card:

It’s not classed as an effect… That’s what I’m saying…

The closest thing would be for it to be treated the same as Mana Cut is from Guinevere which isn’t reflected by Ursena…

As for if it should be blocked :man_shrugging: Maybe Maybe not.

Mitsuko block Sonya’s dispel.

Block is not reflect.

Status = reflected
Non-status = blocked


I don’t own either Ursena or Guin or Mitsuko. As I said, the closest thing it MIGHT be treated would be the mana cut.

Realistically the HP reduction is a completely unique mechanic in the game… highlighted by the fact that there is only the HP Boost as the counter to it…

@Petri said mana cut should be blocked, not reflected.


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I can confirm that Ursena does block direct mana reduction from Guin (and presumably Leo, Neith, Chao, Li Xiu, etc.)

I thought I saw somebody confirm that Mits did block Ymir’s max health reduction. (I fought him without her and don’t care to slog thru that again with a different team. Hmmm…maybe I will use her when I get to it on hard…)


@Petri @mhalttu @zephyr1

I already submitted a ticket but their answer is to read the forum. They don’t even clarify whether this is a bug or not…

I add an additional video in the conversation just now.

Thank you for reporting this! Our developers have confirmed this to be a bug and we will be fix the issue in upcoming updates. I’ll mark this as a known issue.


Marking as SOLVED now in the V30 update:

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