[SOLVED - V30 Update] Lady Locke vs Malosi Special Skill (Visual Issue)

I encountered this today. I was raiding a team with Lady Locke in it. She was about to fire so i hit her with Malosi. And when she fired her animation looked like as if she was firing on her own team. The centre of her animation was on one of her allied heroes and not on any of my heroes. I dont know what would have happened if i hadnt blocked her with Malosi, so i cannot say if her special is bugged or only the animation and if Malosi has anything to do with it. Please look into this.

Part of her special is actually a team cleanse;

This is probably what you saw.

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No. Her special animation is some green circle which is always cast on the enemy team. This time she cast it on her own team. Its nothing to do with the cleanse.

Well I’ve just used Locke and no issues with her from my attacking perspective.

If you can replicate it and video/ screenshot that obviously will help a lot.

Maybe its because of Malosi then. If i encounter her again i will sure take a screenshot, unfortunately she is not seen very often.

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Thank you for the report! This is a known visual issue which will be fixed in the next version update (v30).

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Closing and marking as SOLVED

Ref V30 Release notes:

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