[SOLVED - V28 Update] Time stop battle item - Mana not zero issue

When fighting in quest events, sometimes the Timestop items will leave a little mana on a boss. Doesn’t happen a lot. I have had a iPhone 6S+ and a iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.3.1 where it happened. Doesn’t seem to be a particular hero or color. It’s been going on a few months.

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Are these screenshots from immediately after using the timestop? Or have you taken a turn/ thrown a tile or whatever?

Right after using the timestop. That’s why the other heroes don’t have any mana. Only see it happen to one hero at a time. Never had two or more have mana left.

Not sure, maybe just a visual thing…?

Hard to tell if there is actually any mana remaining as the bar is the only way of seeing mana charge in the game…

I watched it as I hit it after and it started gaining from that spot. Didn’t use to do it before (leave mana). Started a while ago but I can’t say after what update it was after. Just making it known. Thanks.

We have detected an issue here and we will be fixing this in the upcoming update (version 28). Thank you for the report! I’ll mark this as a known issue.


Thank you! I was just getting ready to send another photo but you beat me to it! Love your game!

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Closing this thread as this bug was fixed in the V28 update:

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