[SOLVED - V28 Update] Stonecleave special is the same at all levels

I was leveling Stonecleave and saw that his damage is 150% at level 3 and is the same at level 8. That is the only part of the special that can be scaled. Since we didn’t level these heroes in beta I didn’t see this earlier. Is this intentional? If so then there is no need to make sure the special is maxed.


I reported this earlier too to the Small Giant Staff, and am awaiting a response in the morning.


Thank you for the reports, this will be fixed in the next update (version 28)!

Edit: Just to make sure, the damage amount of maxed out hero won’t change, but we’ll lower the amount in earlier special levels.


I don’t think there’s a need to change it. I mean 150% of level 1 damage is way less that 150% of max level damage. It scales by the base attack growing.

Ok this is the first time I can remember seeing no difference in a special. My version is on 4/8 but I don’t see any difference in 5/8 when I peak ahead. Am I missing something or is his special really actually maxed at 1/8?

Interesting, you seem to be right. No part of his special scales the damage % etc with each level, so yes his special is ‘maxed’ at level 1.

Ok thank you. I guess the only need for 8/8 is emblems then

Ok, but are the devs looking at any kind of buff for him? To be honest he’s simply underwhelming as he currently stands. Maybe a bump to fast mana, or get rid of the damage from yellow while he’s a ghost?

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Closing this thread as the bug has been fixed in V28 update:

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