[SOLVED - V28 update] Poison mist still triggering on special usage

This is occurring for me as well:

It seems random on whether a special will trigger poison, but only had it occur for attack-type specials so far and occurs several times per battle. Had it occur for blue, green and red characters in the attached screenshots.

Took forever to create an account on this forum and figure out how to creat a post, so dont have exact time, but occurred Feb 25 around 2:20-ish PST. Played S2-Stage 3 - tried each of the 3 mist levels twice, and bug occurred consistently in every battle.

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Also confirmed this occurs on S2-P14, and other poison mist levels (not exclusive to province 3).

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It has been there for a while. It is a bug in my opinion.

It is triggered if the special kills the remaining enemy(ies) and there is a next wave.

The damage is too low to matter for me that is why i didn’t mention it before.

Thank you for the report! This is a known issue that will be fixed in version 28.


Closing this thread as it is resolved in the V28 update:

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