[SOLVED - V28 UPDATE] Onatel -- Cleric Manashield can trigger under Onatel ailment, Poseidon buff resists existing Onatel ailment

wrong, the hero never gains full mana. he just receives reduced amount, like with LJ’s special.

wrong again. in both cases, the hero receives 0 mana. it is equivalent for the hero.

apparently, you have no idea how Onatel’s special works. why am I even talking to you? :man_facepalming: please excuse yourself from this thread :rofl:

Apparently you don’t understand how any of the hero specials works if you think that the Proteus mana stop is equivalent to Onatel’s steal. Just because the end result is the same, it doesn’t mean it is the same mechanism or treated the same way.

Just because the hero doesn’t gain any mana, doesn’t mean that it’s the same mechanism.

Look, here are the two cards:

Onatel - The caster steals generated mana of the target and the nearby enemies over 4 turns starting low and increasing every turn until the last turn all the generated mana is stolen.

Proteus - The target and nearby enemies can’t gain mana for 3 turns.

Basically Onatel can only gain mana if the affected hero gains mana right? Which only occurs when feeding tiles. So each time that you feed a tile, it is a separate occasion where Onatel can steal. Therefore, each separate occasion is subject to the mana shield, and you can be protected.

Proteus stops the hero from getting mana. He is not reducing the amount of mana a hero gets by 100%, he is preventing the whole gaining mana mechanism. So each tile you feed does nothing because the hero is prevented from gaining mana. There is no mechanism for the mana shield to kick in because the hero is prevented from gaining mana once they get the status ailment.

Onatel doesn’t prevent the hero from gaining mana, she is just stealing it, but Proteus is stopping the hero from gaining mana.

If you can’t understand that there is a fundamental difference in how their specials work, then really, you have nothing to add to this thread.


I noticed something with Onatel after the update that I’m not sure is working correctly or not. I often bring Poseidon against Onatel. Previously (I think) she would still steal mana if she fired first then Poseidon. After the update, if I fire Poseidon after Onatel’s steal is active she is unable to steal the mana in subsequent turns. Is this the way it is meant to work?

This renders onatel quite useless if this was intended.


Need to try this. This was 100% not the way it was before and not how it should be. Nice catch

Poseidon was under Onatel’s special,but he was almost charged when I fired Onatel so after his special rest of the moves he resisted mana drain. This is serious nerf for Onatel considering now clerics can resist every move

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Maybe it is because of this:


did you read my message???
I’ve wrote Poseidon cast AFTER my Onatel, allies resist to NEW effects but not already existed. I’ve been playing Onatel more then a year now and I know how it used to work before last update

I moved your topic to this post, which is the same bug report on Onatel. I’ll change the description of the topic as well.

And I’ve also asked staff to take a look.


Wow… as an active Onatel user, this dramatically affects this hero. This is a HUGE nerf and I just can’t believe this is not bug or mistake.
Many people have spent tons of resources to upgrade her to +18/19/20, and I’m sure they wouldn’t had if they knew about that. Nerfing this without any compensation whatsoever is just complete BS.


Once Poseidon hits his special all mana is off limits not just ontel

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Yes, this nerf would be pretty annoying.
I hope the @petri or someone else from the staff, could say, if it’s the new intended behaviour or if it’s a bug.

Onatel’s definitely been taking some pretty serious blows lately (not all of these are recent changes or were ever changed):

  • Neith resists her (I was very vocal about disagreeing with SGG’s decision on this but to their credit they came out and decisively said this is what they wanted).
  • All Clerics now have a chance to resist her.
  • All Monks have a chance to resist her mana siphon on the initial hit.
  • Poseidon…I don’t know how to describe it…it’s almost like a retro-active resist. Or even a cleanse, almost.
  • Red Hood’s minions also prevents her from taking mana (though I don’t know if that’s new or not).

I disagree with some of those interactions, but that doesn’t really matter - I accept and play by SGG’s rules. It would be nice to know WHAT those rules are though, so I’m really hoping SGG staff will chime in and clarify everything.


Glad someone else replicated my experience with Poseidon and Onatel @BreEddard

Yeah, the new behaviour makes her pretty useless.
Here is a short video, where you could see how useless she now is, as soon as Poseidon activates his special after Onatel.
My heroes still gain mana from tiles and just display the nice “resist” which wasn’t the case before V27.

Hi all i was raiding yesterday i noticed that sashat now resists onatel’s mana steal,

is this intended or is it a bug because sashat resists direct mana reduction not mana steal if so they should have stated resists all mana reduction ?


i didn’t see a topic that was about this.

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@petri & @KiraSG

Can we get some confirmation about these two things?

  1. If it is working as intended that Clerics now have the ability to resist not just Onatel’s INITIAL cast but also every tile that hits the cleric (i.e. each individual mana steal opportunity)

  2. If it is working as intended that Seshat is now resists Onatel’s steal (note it casts on her but then she resists the mana steals…)

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I have added plenty. It shouldnt matter what happens with the mana. the only thing that matters is the effect on the afflicted hero.the mana shield skill doesnt differentiate. it only states negative mana effects.
call it mana steal, quantum mana tunneling or highway mana robbery - the effect for the afflicted hero is the same - they received a reduced amount of mana.
you dont seem to get this and keep blabbering that stealing 100% from the afflicted hero is somehow different for the said hero from blocking mana.

Onatel’s special is treated piece-wise now. every application of her special can be shielded now, not just the initial cast.
this ■■■■■■■■ since by this logic many specials should be reworked. yet some dumb trucks think it is OK.
I hope it was mistake like with Riposte damage calculation.