[SOLVED - V28 UPDATE] Onatel -- Cleric Manashield can trigger under Onatel ailment, Poseidon buff resists existing Onatel ailment

this! I have been saying this from the beginning of the thread! some people cant see though the wordsmithing, as you eloquently put it. if they start treating Onatel’s special this way, then there are tons of specials which should be treated differently by cleric’s mana shield and monk’s resist.


Both Alberich & Misandra specials have “Generates a small amount of mana” type clause.

@Guvnor, OK Alberich and Misandra generate a small amount of mana, and both can be steal by Onatel cast in previvous version correct? I’m not sure though.

They still can be stolen, just if there is also a cleric on the team, the cleric can resist that stealing :stuck_out_tongue:

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What I’m not agree is not consistent with status ailment.
Just like Seshat case: if she is RESIST Onatel’s steal, she should not have icon status ailment from the begining (INITIAL CAST).
Maybe they want to act like Hansel special, but Hansel has secondary effect, not only mana drain, but also damage.

This update make confuses and complicated…

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News to me

Always thought onatel only stole tile generated mana

But i don’t have onatel

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The seshat case is a bug/error imo

Onatel doesn’t reduce mana directly like guin or li xiu or leonidas or whoever else

She steals generated mana and typically before it’s even in the mana bar

Stealing % of mana as it’s generated & reducing/cutting already generated mana are 2 different mechanics and shouldnt be treated as 1 under this resist(given how specific the resists have been so far)

Basically guin reduces current mana amount that has already been gained. Onatel just takes a little off the top of each gain before it’s even in the mana bar so it’s not an actual reduction of what sesh has, but a reduction in what sesh can get

Basically this would be similar to jf resisting the vampires and the sand heroes…doesn’t make sense. Of course he doesn’t afaik but that is a simple comparison and example of how specific the resists typically are.

Guess the problem is that onatel is the only mana thief in the game so a specific resist for 1 hero is a bit ridiculous but doesn’t mean they couldn’t just make a few more heroes with this mechanic and then have the separate resist for those heroes…we always want new heroes…


Yeah she steals ANY mana generation :slight_smile:

Includes the passive mana generation that a defence team gets

Must have missed the change. Thought i recalled originally that people were complaining she didn’t steal that type of mana

[EDIT] Thanks for reporting this to us. I have discussed this with our QA team and:

Mana shield no longer affects Onatels mana steal, if the debuff is applied. It can still be blocked on an initial cast. Note that this change also affected Red riding hoods fox minions, so that they act the same way as mana shield. Previously they resisted the mana steal even if dot was active before the minion.
Poseidon is fixed to work as in v26. If Onatel has landed the dot on him, his buffs casted after wont affect the mana steal.

All fixes are scheduled for V28.


Thanks @KiraSG,

Any word on the change to Seshat resisting the Mana Steal?


Great! Thanks :+1: No need to feel gambling anymore.

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Again just raided kuhchen tank and he resist Onatel EVERY single mana still with status on him. Tried twice and lost batle

Yeah I’m not even bringing Onatel against Kunch tanks until this gets fixed in v28. I’m one of her biggest proponents when she works as intended, but as long as that’s not happening, it’s way too unpredictable to rely on.


Agreed it’s far from ideal. Even with this bug I have no better option than Onatel. Kunchen flanked by Poseidon is particularly menacing to me right now and I will be very unhappy if I run into it in the raid tournament (where wins really matter for PoV purposes).

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thank you, SG, for listening to reason!

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Closed as the Cleric & Onatel bug has been FIXED in the V28 update:

Also fixed the bug with Poseidon Special interacting with a pre-existing Onatel Special: