[SOLVED - V28 UPDATE] Onatel -- Cleric Manashield can trigger under Onatel ailment, Poseidon buff resists existing Onatel ailment

It’s a joke, but in this class there are resuscitators and doctors and its benefits are greatly reduced!

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At what node of the emblem tree would this cleric be? I suppose the higher up, the higher the chance, but shouldn’t just trigger quite often at the lower nodes.

He took revenge, it worked 2 of 4 at Elkanen :frowning_face:

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Well, I suppose we should seek and get good clarifications on this before drawing any wrong conclusion.

Well at that emblem level, cleric has 14% chance to proc mana shield…

So is there a chance to avoid the ailment ENTIRELY still? Or does it always take hold and then there’s a chance per round?

If it’s a chance to avoid both the initial AND every round then that’s seriously broken. I’m just glad Proteus didn’t get hit by it as well.

I think the previous method was better though.

great that there is already a thread about it. I hope it doesnt go unnoticed.
first they add a ridiculous visual to Onatel’s special, which obscures Onatel and heroes flanking her. now they change how her special skill works. it is like someone at SG has his hands itching yo play with Onatel.
it is a special, which comes as a package deal. it is either resisted or not. what happens when they start breaking up other specials? Monks having a chance to proc Mana Shield at every turn of Proteus’ and Hel’ specials? Monks having a chance to resist every turn of every debuff or DOT?
if it was intended, I wonder if the will bother to change the special’s description - it would look funny when it says 100% mana stolen, except not really a 100.


I am new with you, is it welcome?

just had a fight - Rigard was able to Mana Shield the initial cat of the special skill. so, to answer someone’s question in this thread, yes, clerics can proc Mana Shield to block the whole skill and then later to block every effect of it.

Hallo everyone and sorry about my english…
Summary now Onatel and Proteus skill don’t work against Clerics and Seshat…
If it is a joke it’s a very very bad joke

Yeah, that’s broken.

Note, I haven’t seen this with Proteus, and I use him a LOT.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where mana shield talent icon was not shown when the talent activated.
  • Mana Shield talent can now block Mana Steal status ailment.

New question: would a cleric’s talent that initially failed to resist a skill like Mindless Attack still have a chance to resist it’s effect once his mana would be fully charged?

Would the status effect disappear or would it be activated until the target wouldn’t have 100% anymore?

Honestly, I think the bug fix is working as intended and what people are talking about with Proteus and Merlin doesn’t apply.

The point of the mana shield is that when there is an attack that negatively impacts mana, there is a chance that it is negated. With Onatel, every time a tile hits to generate mana is a new “attack” or instance. So that gets treated on its own.

But when it comes to Proteus or Merlin, the initial attack is the only instance. There isn’t a new attack each round that is being registered.


by your logic, every time a tile hits a hero under Proteus’ special to generate mana, mana generation is blocked by Proteus. it should be treated on its own, shouldnt it? whether it is stolen or completely blocked, it is a negative effect on mana.
what about multiple other special skills which are ailments and can be resisted by monks? I am not aware of all of them, since they all belong to fancy heroes I dont have (I am not a heavy spender), but Athena comes to mind - if a monk is under Athena’s special, should he resist the defense drop for every tile? What about Gafar’s healing reduction, which is used only when a hero is healed. Should monk resist that too every time he is healed?
just like with Riposte, they havent thought it through. they changed Riposte to counter-attack damage regardless of remaining health, but what about Leo - should he hit a hero with 1 remaining HP and get back several hundred? or WIlbur’s special - should I hit a hero with 1 remaining HP and get 200-300 damage on all remaining heroes?
I hope they come to their senses and realize their stupidity.

Nope, that’s not my logic. Proteus’ special activates and the hero does not get any mana period after that. End of story regardless of how many tiles are fed after the fact. Your logic is that each time mana is gained, it is treated as a separate chance of being blocked. It isn’t, the hero just doesn’t gain mana period so the mana shield doesn’t activate.

Onatel’s special steals each time mana is gained, so each occurrence of the hero gaining mana will have a chance of the mana shield being active.

For your other monk example with Athena I would agree that it would work as Onatel. Each subsequent hit has a chance of being resisted. But your healing example would be the same as Proteus because Gafar’s healing reduction doesn’t depend on another tile hit.

OK, I am gonna break it down for you.
Mana steal and mana block are both adverse mana effects, right?
Now, when a monk is under Onatel’s or Proteus’ special, EVERY time he is hit by a tile, this effect is triggered, right?
So why is mana shield used against one, but not the other? This doesnt make sense. All skills should either be treated as a whole or piece-wise.
Onatel’s special activates and the hero gets progressively more mana stolen after that. end of story.
There is no logic in singling out Onatel’s special.

No, and that is where you are having the problem. Under Onatel’s special, the effect is triggered because the hero is gaining mana, although Onatel can steal. Under Proteus’ special the effect is not re-triggered. Do you understand the difference?

how is it not triggered when the hero doesnt get any mana??? if it wasnt triggered, the hero would get mana for every til that hit him.
so, what do you think about Little John’s special? which way should it be treated?

Those are different things…
Proteus and hell don’t let enemies gain any mana.
Onatel let enemies gain mana but steal it…
Little John alasie etc slow enemies mana gain.
Guinevere Leonidas li xiu etc cut mana…

So clerics talent on all might prevent them from get the ailment(Onatel included) or the mana cut. They don’t prevent them from getting any mana…
But against Onatel the mana steal happens ET the end of the turn or after being hit by stones and there clerics only might trigger the specials when Onatel steals mana…


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