[SOLVED - V28 UPDATE] Onatel -- Cleric Manashield can trigger under Onatel ailment, Poseidon buff resists existing Onatel ailment

The talent has activated which prevents status effects that prevent mana generation. Working perfectly

It didn’t use to do this.

It used to only have the chance of triggering on initial cast.

Now it has the chance to trigger on every opportunity that the cleric has to gain mana… Every tile. Every turn etc…

It’s not working the same as before… It’s definitely changed since V27.

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That’s the way I think it work’s.
Onatel ailment works on mana steal so each time she has a chance to steal mana theres a chance for mana shield activate from class description itself.

Again, it never used to be like that…

It’s changed since V27 update.


Well I don’t have Onatel wasn’t aware of that.
Imo she now works as intended.
But release notes said nothing.
SG should clarify this.

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For clarification.

Mana-shield only had a chance for triggering on INITIAL cast

Mana-shield has the chance to trigger not just on initial cast but also on every single mana generation point. Every tile has the chance. End of each turn has the chance. Alberich or misandra special has the chance to trigger…


has the chance to trigger… What?

If the enemy team has an alberich or misandra their special includes a passive mana generation for their team… Normally Onatel would insta steal some/ all of this but since the update a cleric can mana-shield to prevent that too.

Ok. Is it official now? Goodbye Onatel… :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:

No I’m still waiting for clarification of it its intended or not haha.

Just was highlighting what is happening now.

Edit: would you seriously ditch Onatel purely cause ONE class has a CHANCE of it blocking a SINGLE mana steal…?


It’s a joke, but in this class there are resuscitators and doctors and its benefits are greatly reduced!

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At what node of the emblem tree would this cleric be? I suppose the higher up, the higher the chance, but shouldn’t just trigger quite often at the lower nodes.

He took revenge, it worked 2 of 4 at Elkanen :frowning_face:

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Well, I suppose we should seek and get good clarifications on this before drawing any wrong conclusion.

Well at that emblem level, cleric has 14% chance to proc mana shield…

So is there a chance to avoid the ailment ENTIRELY still? Or does it always take hold and then there’s a chance per round?

If it’s a chance to avoid both the initial AND every round then that’s seriously broken. I’m just glad Proteus didn’t get hit by it as well.

I think the previous method was better though.

great that there is already a thread about it. I hope it doesnt go unnoticed.
first they add a ridiculous visual to Onatel’s special, which obscures Onatel and heroes flanking her. now they change how her special skill works. it is like someone at SG has his hands itching yo play with Onatel.
it is a special, which comes as a package deal. it is either resisted or not. what happens when they start breaking up other specials? Monks having a chance to proc Mana Shield at every turn of Proteus’ and Hel’ specials? Monks having a chance to resist every turn of every debuff or DOT?
if it was intended, I wonder if the will bother to change the special’s description - it would look funny when it says 100% mana stolen, except not really a 100.


I am new with you, is it welcome?

just had a fight - Rigard was able to Mana Shield the initial cat of the special skill. so, to answer someone’s question in this thread, yes, clerics can proc Mana Shield to block the whole skill and then later to block every effect of it.

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